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June 29, 2016

IT Time Episode 10: The Mechanics of Launching VDI

Giant Leap for VDI

We were lucky to have Brien Posey join us for the 10th episode of IT Time to discuss his theories on the transition from physical desktops to VDI.  Brien has been down in the IT trenches for over two decades in industries like healthcare, insurance and even at the Department of Defense. He is a seven-time Microsoft MVP and is currently training to become a commercial Scientist-Astronaut Candidate. He has published thousands of articles, and written and contributed to several books on IT. Brien is a big believer in mastering VDI deployment. He mentions that it's common for an organization to purchase-- and then quickly deploy a VDI solution without considering end goals or existing structures. He's a big believer in pilot deployments and slow adoptions because he says, "workloads don't always scale in a linear fashion."

As a bonus, Brien also shared his journey in training to become a commercial Scientist-Astronaut Candidate. His goal? To accompany research teams and manage experiments destined for space sponsored by various universities and corporations. The most difficult aspect? The physical demands of preparation.

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