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January 8, 2018

Google Cloud Print Management


The average worker saves 81 minutes per week in productivity by using a personal device at work and 75% of companies now allow employees to use personal devices for work. It’s no surprise that the morale and productivity benefits outweigh the typical security and network overload challenges that companies face by adopting BYOD policies.

Let’s talk practicality, though. Out of the 75% of businesses that support BYOD initiatives, how many have effectively introduced the trend to their traditional IT environments? A whopping 80 percent of all BYOD is still completely unmanaged.

Building a reactive BYOD program to your users' needs 

With a comprehensive, reactive BYOD program, your gains could jump to $1,300 per mobile user per year. That’s a lot of dough to be throwing out the window just because you don’t have a BYOD plan for your BYOD enabled workforce.

Think about something simple like printing. Now that you’ve got a happier, more productive team because your company is on board with BYOD, you need to figure out to enable them to do office work from their mobile devices.

The scenario: Your user wants to print with Google Cloud Print. 

Your employees and co-workers can take notes and communicate within the comfort of their preferred tech ecosystem. Great! But what happens when one of those users has to do something practical like, print from their shiny, new Galaxy S8? One of your end users comes into the office from Christmas break with a newly gifted Galaxy S8. Awesome for them, right?!

Not exactly. If there isn’t a clear BYOD path for them to follow at their company, which is highly likely (remember, 80 percent of all BYOD is still completely unmanaged.), this user might not be able to do simple office tasks on-the-go, such as printing.

Let’s say this Galaxy user is an outside sales rep that spends most of the time at client meetings but needs access to secure company files on-the-go. Enter the need for quick, secure, remote printing. Not asking for the world, right?!

 In order to accomplish this, your IT team will have to empower this user with an Android-enabled printing solution, such as Google Cloud Print Management. But remember, this user needs to print securely encrypted documents remotely for their potential new client.

As we know already, scenarios like this are costly to 8/10 BYOD companies. Your boss wants to enter into the 20%. So, you need to find a secure mobile printing solution to show your boss you can leave that 80% in the dust!


Find a Solution

Simplify Printing TX allows you to securely print from any device, in any location, to any printer. Remember that needy Android sales guy? He has a whole team of sales guys that also want to print from their iPads and iPhones.

Watch how easily you can set up google cloud print management with Simplify Printing TX below:



TX covers printing needs from all bases. It allows you to install and manage printers from one console in:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Remote desktop sessions,
  • Windows client printing
  • OS X client printing

Features for users with specific needs, such as our sales Galaxy S8 user, are easily enabled. Enabling Google Cloud Print Management for Android users, for example, is as easy as clicking a button. Literally. All you need to do is check off, “Register with GCP.” All you need after that? Google credentials!

TX and google cloud print management Figure 1: Simplify Printing TX printers list.

Right away, your users have printing abilities from google apps such as google drive, google chrome, google docs and others.

Once your credentials are accepted, you can access all of your managed printers within your google account.

Google cloud print management dialogue

Need to share printers with other Google users? Easy! Can easily share printers with other google accounts. Can edit permissions as well.

Share printers with google cloud print management

Want to learn more about how you can ensure your team is maximizing its BYOD potential? Schedule a demo with one of our engineers to find out more!

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