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December 20, 2023

Getting Started with Cloud Printing: Navigating the Hybrid Landscape with Advanced Print Management

According to predictions, the percentage of large organizations adopting a multi-cloud strategy, which involves purchasing cloud services from multiple providers, is expected to increase from 76% to 85% by 2024.

Recently, Forbes highlighted the 10 major cloud computing trends anticipated for 2024, with the second trend focusing on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud. According to the article, 'The number of large organizations with a multi-cloud strategy (i.e., they buy cloud services from more than one provider) is predicted to rise from 76% to 85% during 2024.' This underscores the accelerating pace at which cloud computing is reshaping the landscape. Cloud adoption has fundamentally shifted business outcomes for quite some time but print management has taken some time to catch up. From nimble startups to huge enterprises, organizations are embracing the idea of taking their print management to the cloud. 

The need to print remains constant in this dynamic cloud-centric world. Cloud printing has emerged as a dynamic solution, enabling users to print from any device virtually anywhere, while simultaneously providing admins the flexibility they need to manage printing from cloud-hosted software.  

The Evolution of Print Management 

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, cloud printing stands as a transformative force, freeing users from the physical limitations of traditional printing. No longer restricted to a specific location or device, individuals now enjoy the seamless ability to initiate print jobs from virtually anywhere with internet access. This evolution has not only untethered businesses from the constraints of localized printing but has also cultivated unparalleled flexibility and accessibility in the realm of document management. 

Understanding Cloud Printing & The Benefits of Cloud Print Management 

Cloud printing is a cutting-edge practice that enables users to send print jobs from a computer or mobile device to a printer connected to the internet, regardless of the physical location of the printer. As mentioned earlier, this approach has significantly transformed traditional printing, ushering in a new era of flexibility and accessibility. The key to unlocking the true potential of cloud printing lies in an effective adoption plan and readiness assessment.   

Moreover, the benefits of implementing cloud print management extend beyond convenience. By centralizing print resources in the cloud, organizations can achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Cloud print management solutions often provide real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to track usage patterns, manage printing quotas, and identify opportunities for optimization. To dive deeper into the advantages of cloud print management, check out our comprehensive blog post titled Four Things You Need to Know About Cloud Print Management that covers key considerations and practical insights to help you harness the full potential of cloud-based printing. Additionally, for a more interactive and in-depth exploration, you can watch our Journey to the Cloud webinar series that is focused on enhancing your understanding of cloud print management and optimizing your printing processes. 

Three Key Benefits of Cloud Printing For Users 

1-2-11. Universal Accessibility: Cloud printing, in simple terms, allows users to print documents from any location with internet access. This universal accessibility is particularly beneficial for remote workers and organizations with multiple office locations. 

2-3-12. Device Agnosticism: Embracing a device-agnostic approach, cloud printing ensures seamless print job submissions regardless of the device used. Whether on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, users can initiate print tasks effortlessly, contributing to a more versatile and user-friendly printing experience.

3-2-13. Enhanced Security: Many cloud print solutions incorporate robust security features, elevating the safety of printing sensitive documents compared to traditional methods. Through the implementation of encryption and authentication protocols, cloud printing enhances the overall security posture of document management. 

The Role of Print Management Software 
Print management software plays a vital role in making cloud printing work seamlessly and efficiently. With print management software like Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers®, administrators gain a centralized control hub, allowing them to monitor and manage all printing activities from one dashboard. This centralized control not only ensures efficient resource usage but also facilitates streamlined workflows. Additionally, print management software helps organizations save costs by tracking expenses, implementing print quotas, and providing insightful reporting on printing patterns. 5 benefits for blog InfographicIt adds an extra layer of security by requiring user authentication before releasing print jobs, contributing to a safer printing environment. Ultimately, print management software optimizes the cloud printing experience, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking enhanced control, cost-effectiveness, and security in their document management processes. 

Navigating the Future with Cloud Printing 

The transformative synergy of cloud printing and robust print management software empowers businesses with unparalleled efficiency and control. The benefits derived from this duo—universal accessibility, cost savings, enhanced security, and sustainability—underscore the pivotal role they play in reshaping print management. Accessibility transcends geographical boundaries, cost savings redefine operational efficiency, enhanced security fortifies data integrity, and sustainability fosters responsible printing practices. Together, cloud printing and advanced print management software not only meet the demands of our evolving digital landscape but elevate the entire document workflow, ensuring businesses stay agile, secure, and environmentally conscious in their printing endeavors. If you’re looking for an additional resource, make sure to download our Ultimate Guide to Print Management Software as a comprehensive resource to further explore the possibilities of streamlined and efficient printing workflows. 

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