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December 8, 2016

Do Your Students and Faculty Depend on Printing?

Do you work at an educational institution with vast printing needs? We've got you covered. Tricerat software tools help institutions eliminate the user desktop problems that arise as educators offer students more ways to access and retrieve information from multiple devices, applications and locations. When it's time to print transcript records and term papers, slow or non-existent print jobs are among the most common and painful printing problems. Here's how we can help:

  • We help you save lots of money! Printing is expensive. By now you may have implemented a solution to charge students for their printing, however faculty printing is not a cost that is easily recouped...until now.
  • We deliver printers to your students and faculty in the most efficient manner. With such a diverse set of end users (faculty, students, professors) all using different devices, managing printers can be daunting. Wouldn't it be nice if you could manage it all from a single console regardless of who, what, where, and when? Now you can.
  • We control printer access based on proximity settings. Students and faculty alike are traveling across campus and from floor-to-floor. This can cause a lot of end user confusion when it comes to selecting the right printer. Proximity-awareness printing can resolve that issue for your users and (most importantly) you!
  • We make sure confidential information is not left at the printer. Sensitive information, such as forms, student grades, health documents, should never be left unattended at the printer. With 'Pause and Release,' users have the capability to control where and when their print job is delivered.
  • We integrate print management with tracking and reporting. Whether you are utilizing PaperCut, Pharos, Equitrac, or another form of monitoring your printing, manage how all of your users print from a single view.
  • We provide print support for ALL of your users' devices. Simplify Printing TX integrates with Google Cloud Print.

With Tricerat's affordable print solutions, you have the ability to provide secure, seamless printing to students and faculty. Tricerat ScrewDrivers is a revolutionary universal print driver technology that effectively eliminates print driver and 32-/64-bit compatibility issues for a dependable printing experience in your Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and VDI environment. Simplify Printing builds on the ScrewDrivers technology with a print server and user management console that provides reliable printing to any network printer. Simplify Printing TX takes it one step further by allowing users to share and access printers from any OS and application on their desktop or mobile device, regardless of location.

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