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January 20, 2016

Coming Soon: Automatic Client Updates for ScrewDrivers v6

Simplify Product Updates with ScrewDrivers v6

As an IT administrator, you know all too well the peaks and valleys of a software or product update. The sensational high you get from all of the new bells and whistles is immediately followed by the gut-wrenching fall into, “you want me to update all my clients…by when?” The amount of work that comes along with upgrading even the smallest product updates can strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned IT professionals. Here’s How It Works

When a new version of ScrewDrivers is available, just update your server and the next time a user logs into that server, the client software will update automatically. This happens without interruption of the user’s session and without administrator privileges or annoying dialogs. What’s better, if the user logs into an older v6 compatible server, the matching version will be downloaded if required and used so the versions always match dynamically. Automatic client updates always keeps the client/server version synchronized for the best possible printing experience.

Who Will Benefit?

All ScrewDrivers client installations will benefit from automatic client updates. Stay tuned for the release of ScrewDrivers v6!

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