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December 23, 2022

Streamline Epic Printing with Tricerat

Epic is the go-to solution for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. While Epic provides leading software applications to the healthcare industry, it can also complicate simple tasks like printing discharge paperwork or laboratory labels.

The Challenges of Epic Print Servers

Print jobs can traverse multiple servers, operating systems, and networks even in a simple Epic environment. Epic print servers usually rely on Windows printing subsystems and oftentimes do not come with native printing capabilities. Windows subsystems can create their own printing issues including a lack of central management for print queues, poor bandwidth, and required driver matching. These headaches can multiply when you consider the required redundancy for Epic and Windows print servers thus increasing the overall burden for administrators.

Simplified Epic Printing

Enterprise print management solutions specifically designed for Epic printing in a healthcare environment alleviate the burden of printing from Windows subsystems. With ScrewDrivers® from Tricerat, administrators deploy printers to Epic print servers with a single drag and drop console. Administrators are given the ability to assign printers to multiple print servers creating permanent network printers by using the native drivers as defined in ScrewDrivers.

Additionally, administrators can define settings on those permanent print queues allowing for control on both sides of the printing equation from one console. A built-in print server failover feature provides the automatic failover needed for high availability and redundancy printing to vital healthcare operations running 24/7, and our print job tracking tools allow for auditing from both the users and Epic systems level.

Smarter Printing for Healthcare

Epic Printer Driver Management

With solutions like ScrewDrivers, admins can use a single pane of glass console to manage their Epic Print Server deployment with our DirectIP functionality, and our state of the art virtual driver for their non Epic Print Servers. That same virtual driver can be used for print server printing as well as printer redirected printing for those situations where users bring their local printers with them into their Epic sessions. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort an administrator will need to spend on managing and maintaining drivers. Once a print job is created and sent to a print server, Tricerat uses a proprietary printing format for added encryption for security compliance and compression for better bandwidth control. Once the job reaches the print server print jobs are routed efficiently to give much needed ‘flow-control’ to the print spooler.

When Epic printing requires less time spent on managing the systems, that time can instead be put back into things that matter most for end users and admins alike. To learn more about how ScrewDrivers can improve print management for your healthcare organization, watch our demo today!

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