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March 24, 2020

Staying Productive with Remote Work in the Legal Industry

In the legal industry, security and timeliness are pillars that keep the wheels turning. Both of these give companies within the legal industry a blueprint for supporting their clients while also maintaining a healthy bottom line. While embracing remote work like many other businesses, legal companies need to ensure that productivity and security are not compromised in the process.   

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Challenges of Remote Work

Incorporating a remote work environment provides employees flexibility to serve their clients in many ways. Employees can meet their clients needs virtually regardless of timezone differences and schedules. Although remote work is becoming more commonplace, it is not without its challenges. Security of documents is a major concern across all industries, but it is integral to legal companies’ services. Employees need to know that when they send or receive a document it is being delivered properly and not being accessed by a third party. This is difficult in a remote environment because you cannot physically see where you are sending something. 

Remote workers also face driver malfunctions and inaccessibility to printers at times. When working remote, an employee needs to access devices within their home which isn't always possible in remote environments. Between driver malfunctions or a device not being recognized, a lot could go wrong. Additionally, a lot of users experience and increase in the amount of time it takes to process certain requests. Be it printing or scanning, a slow down in either could be costly for legal companies. Due to challenges such as these, IT administrators may experience an added layer of complexity in keeping deliverables on track.  

Secure Printing and Scanning with Tricerat

It’s important to find a solution that you can depend on and fits your company in remote work. Tricerat has over two decades of experience with delivering secure printing and scanningsolutions that fit the unique needs of legal companiesOur secure solutions offer flexibility and support for your system administrators. To learn more about our robust solutions, schedule a demo with us today. 

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