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March 5, 2024

End of Life for Simplify Printing & Suite: What You Need to Know

Since 2016, Simplify Printing & Suite (ScrewDrivers v6) provided reliable print management solutions. However, shifts in OS, hardware, and user expectations require upgrading to ScrewDrivers v7 for continued growth and efficiency. ScrewDrivers v6 support ends on Dec. 31, 2025.

Navigating the tech landscape demands innovation and growth. Sunsetting software is an integral part of this evolution, ensuring that resources are allocated to advancements that address the burgeoning needs of end users. Transitioning to ScrewDrivers v7 brings a new era of enterprise IT, emphasizing cloud and print management solutions.

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  1. Why is Simplify Printing & Suite (ScrewDrivers v6) Sunsetting?
  2. When Will ScrewDrivers v6 Support Officially End?
  3. What Are the Key Benefits of Upgrading to ScrewDrivers v7?
  4. How Does v7 Licensing Offer a Strategic Advantage?
  5. What's the Process for Upgrading from v6 to v7?
  6. What Kind of Transition Support Does Tricerat Offer?
  7. Where Can I Get a Demo of ScrewDrivers v7?
Released three years ago, v7 refines user interfaces for unmatched productivity, boasts our most sophisticated virtual driver to date, and integrates our comprehensive field knowledge. By upgrading, you not only harness advanced features but also ensure your systems are primed for forthcoming innovations.
Andrew Parlette
Chief Technology Officer at Tricerat

Why is Simplify Printing & Suite (ScrewDrivers v6) Sunsetting?

Compatibility with Emerging Technologies

Since the release of ScrewDrivers v6 in 2016, there have been significant changes in operating systems and hardware. Although v6 was robust during its prime, it doesn't fully utilize the capabilities of modern IT infrastructures. Upgrading to ScrewDrivers v7 is necessary to maintain system compatibility and take advantage of the advancements in current systems. 

Addressing Security Risks

Sophisticated threats constantly challenge cyberspaces. Simplify Printing & Suite products, though secure at their inception, can't inherently adapt to counter the latest security risks without fundamental enhancements. ScrewDrivers v7 has been reconstructed with these considerations, embedding robust security protocols that fortify user data against contemporary cyber threats.

Improving User Experience and Performance

Feedback from our valued users highlighted several areas where v6 could be enhanced to streamline operations, reduce latency, and provide a more intuitive user interface. ScrewDrivers v7 has been meticulously engineered with user-centric design principles, ensuring the end-user experience is smooth, responsive, and aligned with the expectations of a cutting-edge software solution.

Improved Flexibility & Scale

Moreover, the intrinsic limitations in the architecture of Simplify Printing & Suite products inhibit our ability to seamlessly incorporate new features and capabilities. Technological limitations can sometimes lead to a plateau in performance and functionality. The new architecture of ScrewDrivers v7 breaks these barriers with a level of flexibility and scalability that v6 products could not support.

Our Commitment to Future Readiness 

As part of our strategic direction, ScrewDrivers v7 is designed to integrate with future technologies without frequent overhauls. This approach extends the lifespan of Tricerat's enterprise print management solutions so our software meets current requirements and evolves with future trends.

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End-of-Life (EOL) Timeline for ScrewDrivers v6

As we transition from  Simplify Printing & Suite products to the more advanced ScrewDrivers v7, we've prepared a timeline to help our customers prepare their upgrade plan accordingly. Here's a breakdown of the key dates and milestones leading up to the EOL for ScrewDrivers v6 on Dec. 31, 2025:

  • Now to December 31, 2024 - Guided Planning & Migration Process
    • Assess your current ScrewDrivers v6 setup and start planning an upgrade as soon as possible. Our support team is ready to assist with your transition! We'll continue to support v6 users until EOL, offering tailored guidance for a system upgrade without interruptions.
  • December 31, 2025 - End of Support for ScrewDrivers v6
    • All services for ScrewDrivers v6 will officially end on Dec. 31, 2025. No software updates, patches, or support for v6 will be provided. With v6 retiring, our full focus is on innovating ScrewDrivers v7 to uphold its position as a leading enterprise print management solution.

Why Upgrade to ScrewDrivers v7?

Key Benefits of ScrewDrivers v7

  • Seamless User Experience & Compatibility: The redesigned user interface promotes ease of use, reduces learning curves, and enhances daily workflow efficiency for quicker adoption of new features. Plus, v7 is designed for compatibility with modern OS and hardware, ensuring a reliable connection between users and their devices.
  • Performance Improvements: v7 operates faster, is more responsive, and handles complex tasks with improved efficiency. With the reduced latency in processing jobs, users can expect improvement in the time it takes to complete tasks using ScrewDrivers.
  • Robust Security Measures: Advanced security protocols in ScrewDrivers protect sensitive data more effectively. With enhanced encryption and secure communication channels, v7 is a formidable barrier against cyber threats and human errors that lead to breaches. 
  • Automated Client Updates: Updating software is crucial but can be challenging for IT teams. v7 simplifies this process with its automated client update feature. Once installed, it automates client updates, keeping the software current without manual effort.
  • Reduced IT Overhead: With features like automatic client updates and improved compatibility, IT departments will find it much easier to manage and deploy, which reduces the resources required for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Customization and Flexibility: v7 opens the doors to greater customization and flexibility. The new version allows for personalized settings and configurations tailored to the specific needs of businesses and individual users, providing a more personalized experience.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The software reduces printer errors and encourages digital rather than physical processes where possible, which not only reduces waste but also lowers operational costs associated with printing and hardware maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Support System: Customers upgrading to v7 gain access to Tricerat’s renowned support system. This includes detailed documentation, access to a knowledgeable support team, and resources to ensure that the transition is smooth and any issues are quickly resolved.

v7 not only represents the next stage in the product's evolution but also a paradigm shift in user experience, performance, and security. Upgrading from v6 empowers IT leaders and their teams to streamline operations and protect their digital environments.

Strategic Advantages of v7 Licensing for Tricerat Customers

ScrewDrivers v7 is designed to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for IT departments while streamlining licensing complexities. Our subscription model will continue to promise updates and support. Tricerat also offers Professional Services, ensuring your transition to v7 is as smooth and efficient as possible.

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How to Upgrade to ScrewDrivers v7: Our 5-Step Process

We recognize that transitioning to newer software is a significant step for any organization. Upgrading to ScrewDrivers v7 is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. We provide full support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your workflows.

Upgrading from ScrewDrivers v6 to v7

screwdrivers upgrade to v7

Transition Support

We encourage you to contact us to explore the best upgrade path for your organization. Our product and support teams will address critical migration and post-migration support areas, plus:

  • Admin-Focused Support: Recognizing the critical role of IT administrators in the migration process, Tricerat offers in-depth documentation focused on administrative tasks, such as deployment automation, server configurations, and user management.
  • Hybrid Environments: For businesses operating in hybrid environments with v6 and v7 running simultaneously during the transition, Tricerat offers guidelines and support to ensure interoperability and minimal disruption.
  • Customized Support Plans: For larger enterprises or those with more complex environments, Tricerat provides the option of creating customized support plans that can include extended support hours, a dedicated account manager, and prioritized issue resolution.

We prioritize minimizing downtime and disruption to daily operations, enabling you to continue providing the top-level service your stakeholders expect. Tricerat supports every step, from the initial decision to transition to the moment you're fully operational with ScrewDrivers v7.

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