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August 10, 2020

Exploring ScrewDrivers Capabilities

Tricerat's ScrewDrivers is capable of many diverse functions aimed at improving print and scanning management for businesses. Take a deep dive into some of its most popular capabilities to learn how this solution can benefit you.


ScrewDrivers Endpoint and Scanning

ScrewDrivers Endpoint and Scanning utilize virtual driver technology for users to have their local printers and scanners automatically available in a remote desktop or published app. A client component runs on the end user device and interfaces with local printers and scanners, while a server component runs on the session agent. ScrewDrivers uses virtual channels in the RDP, ICA, or PCoIP connection to securely and efficiently create a virtual device on the session agent, without installing drivers or any configuration necessary on the server.

ScrewDrivers Endpoint and Scanning diagram of workflows.



ScrewDrivers TCP/IP Client

When using an HTML5 client or other protocol without virtual channel access, the TCP/IP client can communicate outside of the remote desktop protocol and provide the same user experience as full client alternatives. ScrewDrivers leverages a gateway server that handles the out-of-band communication to and from clients and the session agents to which they are connecting.

ScrewDrivers TCP/IP Client diagram of workflow.



ScrewDrivers Mobile Printing 

ScrewDrivers Enterprise offers print management to mobile devices using the same management interfaces as full desktop clients. Mobile apps are acquired through the device app store, and connect to a gateway server that is running in the customer environment. The gateway mimics the full client, getting printer assignments for the user from the ScrewDrivers database and communicating with print server agents. Users are presented with printing options on their mobile device based on their user account, device, and network.

ScrewDrivers Mobile Printing diagram of workflow.



ScrewDrivers Print Server Printing 

ScrewDrivers Print Server Printing layers on top of an existing print server infrastructure, automatically importing print server printers into the management database and optimizing functionality of Windows print servers. Administrators assign printers to users, groups, devices, and network locations through an efficient administration application that is connected to the database. 

ScrewDrivers Print Server Printing diagram of workflow.



ScrewDrivers Remote Printing 

When print servers and session agents are in separate networks, ScrewDrivers Remote Printing handles print traffic between those networks with minimal firewall configuration. For cloud desktops, on-prem print servers are connected to a cloud server without having to open any firewall ports in the local network, and cloud applications can print to local print resources. For companies with remote sites, virtual desktops in the datacenter can see and print to remote printers using the optimized compression capabilities in the ScrewDrivers TMF protocol. 

ScrewDrivers Remote Printing diagram of workflow.



ScrewDrivers Direct

ScrewDrivers Direct manages network printers for users without requiring a print server. Print drivers are stored in the configuration database, as well as printer assignments defined through the administration application. Users log into the local or remote session and have immediate access to the right printer based on their user and device, and print jobs go directly from the desktop to the network printer. 

ScrewDrivers Direct diagram of workflow.


To learn more about ScrewDrivers capabilities and how it fits into your environment, schedule a personalized demo with us.

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