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June 3, 2022

Saving Time and Money at Your Healthcare Facility with Remote Printing

The healthcare industry is very compliance-focused and highly values secure technologies. Though both are extremely important, this can lead to higher expenses for healthcare facilities and shift focus from helping patients to the bottom line. Remote printing is one way that you can help save your facility time and money. 

Why Remote Printing?

Print management can be a challenge even at a single healthcare facility. Increase the number of locations or end users and your healthcare administrator could end up with piles of printing tickets taking up all their time. Luckily, remote printing has become much more commonplace with the emergence of cloud technologies over the years. With the help of a network printer, employees in remote locations can send their documents to print from anywhere. 

How Remote Printing Saves Time and Money

Remote printing may sound difficult to manage, but with the proper resources it is simple and efficient. Centralized printing solutions can help healthcare administrators manage printing from a single management console. The console allows admins to manage remote printing across all their users and locations, ensuring fast and secure printing. Centralized printing solutions also allow for proximity printing which greatly increases the effectiveness of remote printing.

Your Guide to Pain Free Printing.

Proximity-based printing allows admins to assign printers based on patient or physician name or IP address. Every print job aligns with the proper credentials and the printer so that the information goes precisely where it needs to go securely. With a centralized print server and a single-source print management console, healthcare professionals can print on demand in remote sites — without IT intervention or interruption in quality of care, and in full compliance with HIPAA.

Why You Need a Solution for Remote Printing

Successful remote printing can help healthcare facilities save time by ensuring the correct printer gets delivered in a reliable way to the end user every time. The efficiency of remote printing has a compounding effect that allows end users to focus their time on important healthcare work and not printing problems. IT teams in turn see an increase in their available time as they don't have to deal with print issues anymore. Healthcare organizations can then rely on their existing IT teams to get work done and focus on more important tech projects to help their healthcare workers.

To learn more about how Tricerat's solutions can help, check out Cabrini Health's story of how ScrewDrivers® helped to improve operational efficiencies.

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