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January 25, 2018

Why We Added Print Server Proxy


A Closer Look at Print Server Proxy


Tricerat makes it a point to continually add functionality to help its customers print in a variety of situations. One of our added features is the Print Server Proxy function, geared toward helping users print with print servers. As more companies continue to make the move to the cloud, environments can become more complicated. For example, when user need to print from cloud environments to local printer and printer servers. In cases like this, ScrewDrivers® from Tricerat simplifies printing and bridges the gap between the local print server and the hosted environment.

Why We Added It

ScrewDrivers allows companies to assign print server printers to end users and terminal server sessions from a single drag and drop console. If the endpoint lives in the cloud, then to use a print server printer, it may be required that you configure a firewall or VPN to handle print jobs to the local environment. With Tricerat's Print Server Proxy, you can forgo the VPN and use the proxy to make the direct connection between the print server and your cloud hosted environment. After the Print Server Proxy is configured, ScrewDrivers will function even if the print server location has a firewall without any port exception. 

Best Configuration

Configuring the Print Server Proxy can be done in a few easy steps, while eliminating the need to manage firewall rules at the location with the print server. 

1. Install the Internal Print Server Proxy on the hosted network
2. Install the Remote Print Server Proxy on the local print server
3. Turn on the “Use a proxy for print server” setting in the Simplify Console


Get Started

Print Server Proxy has options that allow for a more advanced configuration as well. Interested in learning more about how our software solutions can fit your unique needs? Get started today with a free trial

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