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February 4, 2015

Simplify Printing TX New Features 1.3 Released

Great news for your SysAdmins—Simplify Printing TX’s latest release is going to make their lives even easier. We heard your feedback and have added the features you’ve wanted, including cross subnet for AirPrint support!

About Simplify Printing TX

For those new to Simplify Printing TX, here’s the skinny. It’s an effective, smart printing management software that comes with amazing benefits such as proximity printing, easy “Add Me” button, and BYOD printing. Users get instant access to the nearest printer based on their physical location. They can share their office printers with visitors without requiring administrators. Not only that, but any phone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile device can immediately recognize and configure to your company’s network printers. This is all capable without having to install drivers.

What’s new about Simplify Printing TX?

Improved subnet usage and management bring to the table IOS devices, and capability that has been added to larger and smaller networks. Some key features that enable Simplify Printing TX to have high up-time are in user information, usability improvements, and extended support in platforms. See below for further information.

New Features of Simplify Printing TX 1.3

Cross Subnet AirPrint

  • Allow iOS devices using AirPrint to connect and print to print servers and printers that are located on different subnets
  • For larger networks, the agents are enhanced to allow for routing of print jobs across the subnets
  • In smaller networks (just a few subnets) this is accomplished by adding additional NICs to the print server

High Availability

  • Allows the TX server in a clustered environment
  • Allows the TX DB to use replication sets to minimize risk of data loss in event of a failure

User Information

  • Inclusion of username in print jobs allows for the reporting tools such as PaperCut to capture job details regardless of what device they are printing from

Usability Improvements

  • Admin Console: licensing management added
  • iOS & Android Agents: user interface updates
  • Admin Console: policy rename and delete added
  • Admin Console: multi-select print server printers added
  • iOS, OSX & Windows Agents: remember me option added


  • Support added for iOS 8
  • Support added for OSX Yosemite

Our Team is Here to Help!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by email at or phone at 800.582.5167 (US). We are here to help!

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