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November 19, 2021

ScrewDrivers® and Local Government

Local government is tasked with extremely important work, so when that work is disrupted by IT issues, minor headaches can quickly turn into a perfect storm. Because of this, these governments and municipalities need their tech to work correctly, every time.

We have a saying at Tricerat: “technology should empower those who use it. Printing should just work. And with us, it does.” With that in mind, let’s take a look at the challenges faced by IT teams of local governments and municipalities and how Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers® Pro can alleviate printing and scanning issues.

Local governments are often operating with very lean IT teams, which means the need to optimize the management of the environment as efficiently as possible is a high priority. The needs of their end users are fairly basic, but they often have a large group of five hundred or more concurrent users that are supported by a small team.


ScrewDrivers Pro places all of your printing under one dashboard, a great benefit to these smaller teams with tighter resource constraints. Obviously, not all local governments are operating under these same constraints, but it is generally a common concern that we have seen. With all of printing simplified into one dashboard, a small team is able to focus their time on higher-level tasks for their typically large end user base.


With a workforce as large and varied as most government bodies, there will always be end users that are not exactly tech savvy. Pair this with the smaller IT teams that support them, and you have a recipe for a perfect storm of major IT headaches. The simplicity of ScrewDrivers Pro printing app creates an incredibly intuitive experience, which, in turn, generates far less help desk tickets for the IT team.


In addition to the size of the workforce, there is also a matter of location. Government bodies, even smaller local governments, operate out of several different buildings and even different locations within these buildings. This creates a need for multiple printers to be available for certain users, which is, once again, no problem for the IT team utilizing ScrewDrivers Pro as all they will need to do is drag-and-drop the appropriate printers to the appropriate users, all within the simple-to-use dashboard.


However, these different printers around the building (or buildings) are rarely ever the same kind of printer, or even the same manufacturer, thus creating a printer driver management problem. Again, the IT team that utilizes ScrewDrivers Pro is free from this headache because Tricerat’s Universal Virtual Print driver ensures that all of your printers will work and also function within the native manufacturer dialog box with the proper settings.


Another concern for many local governments is the PrintNightmare vulnerability. Most local governments are very workstation heavy userbases since virtualizing requires extra management, so they usually have basic server infrastructures to support user workstations. While ScrewDrivers is not designed as a specific fix for PrintNightmare, it is a solution that is naturally unaffected. Tricerat’s proprietary universal virtual print driver ensures that an endless cycle of print drivers do not need to be constantly added to machines, thus allowing users to print freely without the need for local admin credentials.


If these challenges sound familiar to you, click below to view a demo and learn how ScrewDrivers Pro could be the perfect solution!

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