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May 21, 2021

Is Cloud Print Demand Increasing?

It is well known that over the last year loads of businesses have been operating in a remote or hybrid status. As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to lessen, many thought that employees would be returning to work but is that the case? Let’s take a look at how many businesses are planning to handle hybrid/remote work in a post-pandemic world.

Are Workers Coming Back to the Office?  

According to NBC News many businesses are beginning to get the green light to resume operations in person. Despite this shift, many of their workers are feeling anxious about the thought of returning to work so soon. This means that employers are now facing a decision of what work strategies will be best to implement in order to support their staff. A recent report published by Quocirca analyzed trends specifically related to cloud print that may have a few clues for what the future of work could look like for businesses.

Growing Demand for Cloud Print

Cloud-based solutions are nothing new but recent data shows it could be becoming the norm soon. Quocirca’s report found that despite cloud print not being much of a priority pre-pandemic, the implementation of cloud print has greatly increased over the last year due in no small part to the effectiveness of hybrid work. The research netting these results was carried out on 200+ managed print services across Europe and the United States. Key findings from these inquiries include:

  • 39% have implemented a cloud print management platform
  • 37% plan to implement a cloud print management platform in the next year
  • 72% will increase use of cloud print by 2025

The Director of Quocirca even went on to say, “Historically, print has trailed other infrastructure on the journey to the cloud…the potential for cost reduction compared with running print servers on-premise is considerable, and now there is additional pressure to manage a hybrid environment, cloud print is the clear solution.”

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What Does an Increase in Demand Mean?

With a recent estimate from Yahoo Finance that the cloud computing market will grow to $798 billion by 2028, it’s safe to say that hybrid work is here to stay. As the demand for cloud-based solutions grows it will breed new competition between service providers throughout the industry. This forecast could mean that the competition between companies leads to even more effective solutions than what is currently available.

Looking back at the Quocirca report, the majority of those surveyed stated that security was of the utmost importance for cloud printing. Developers in the cloud-computing space have always placed a high priority on security but we are also seeing them put a lot of time into other features. Some of the features to highlight include bolstering security, enhancing user management, streamlining reporting, and giving end-users the best experience possible.

The future of cloud-computing and cloud printing looks very promising for both the industry and its end-users. As remote/hybrid work environments become the norm, the technology will be there, ready to support anyone looking to implement it. To learn more about Tricerat and our mobile/remote printing options, check out our ScrewDrivers Enterprise page.

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