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June 25, 2021

How to Securely Print and Scan in a Hybrid Work Environment

Remote work has been mostly a success for many businesses across the world while dealing with the pandemic. As restrictions ease and staff begin returning to the office in person, it’s important to note that the future of work will most likely be a hybrid environment for most companies. In fact, a recent survey from Harvard Business School showed that 81% of workers either don’t want to report back to the office or would prefer to work hybrid. With more workers wanting the flexibility that hybrid work environments offer, businesses must begin analyzing the security of their network.

Print and Scanning Security

Most businesses already implement quality anti-virus software, email filters, and web-blockers, but there are even further steps that can be taken. More staff working off-site means that there will be an increase in the number of endpoints accessing your network. Your business most likely already protects staff’s laptops and tablets, but their other devices need to be secured as well.

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The printers and scanners your staff use at home can be just as vulnerable as their computers. IT teams can bolster the security of these devices by using the tips below:

  1. Control access to printers and scanners. Not every employee needs access to every device, IT teams and system administrators should control access to devices for end users
  1. Ensure your IT team has proper access for the correct role. Sensitive or confidential information must be delivered and printed on the correct device.
  1. Control redirection policies so not just anyone can redirect. With so many employees working from home, businesses may not want those employees printing and scanning on nonsecure devices.
  1. Secure the print data flow. Printers and scanners oftentimes house sensitive data before and after jobs so it’s important to be sure they’re secured.

Increased Security with ScrewDrivers

If you want to simplify your printing and scanning processes whilst also bolstering your security, then Tricerat can help. The admin dashboard built into ScrewDrivers provides easy management over all printers and scanners. Your IT team will be able to easily implement the first 3 tips listed above with the help of our admin dashboard. ScrewDrivers even secures the data stream with TLS 1.2 end to end. This is in addition to the security standard that RDP, ICA, and PCoIP already provide. Learn more about ScrewDrivers by visiting our solutions page today.

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