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Huff Technologies

Huff Technologies improves their offering and client satisfaction with Tricerat's mobile printing solution.


14 locations
75 servers on average
Up to 2,500 users
Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware hybrid environments
25 years in business


Control panel customizations
Reduced environment challenges
UX optimization
Streamlining patient document printing 
Rapid ROI 

About Huff Technologies

Huff Technologies is a managed service provider (MSP) dedicated to delivering tailored technology solutions to the Jacksonville, Florida area for over a decade. Committed to their community and clientele, Huff Technologies helps small to medium-sized businesses prosper by creating stronger partnerships based on mutual success. Tricerat worked with their owner and CEO, who is responsible for all aspects of the company.


The Situation

Huff’s CEO began looking for a mobile print management (MPM) solution when one of their valued customers needed to enable both local and remote iPad printing from their property management application when away from the office. While the system could print back to their network-attached printers in the office, printing to a locally-attached printer or AirPrint printer was impossible.


The Challenge

Because the need was so great for Huff, Tricerat invited the company to partake in Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers beta testing program. Huff Technologies was excited about the opportunity to find out if ScrewDrivers could provide the additional functionality their customers required. This beta testing turned out to be beneficial to both parties, with Huff helping Tricerat tremendously in pinpointing bug and improving the software. Huff’s IT staff was pleased to find that ScrewDrivers ultimately offered a straight-forward installation process with a technical support team available to help every step of the way.

ScrewDrivers worked as promised and provides the extra benefits such as additional security when administrators won’t need to open ports in the firewall. When asked about his overall thoughts on the product, their CEO stated, “what I especially like is how ScrewDrivers emulates an AirPrint printer without being wireless. Using AirPrint’s wireless technology is high maintenance as bandwidth gets eaten up by other resources.” The results of this are that printing ends up taking forever.

Problem Solved

The ability to print from mobile devices has been non-existent, until now. Competitors have more complicated admin management structures and get expensive fast. ScrewDrivers is cost effective, easy to use, and lets you print anywhere.
Owner & CEO, Huff Technologies

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