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March 19, 2020

Having Citrix Printing Problems? Here's How to Fix Them.

Citrix is great — just not when it comes to printing.

In the space of SaaS and cloud computing, Citrix has been a well-known name for over two decades. Citrix solutions combine digital workspace and networking technologies to monitor, configure and manage increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Although they do a lot of things well, when it comes to printing, Citrix functionality is lacking.

Virtualization technology is wildly popular as a cost-efficient solution for businesses. However, with Citrix's robust solution suite (offering server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service and cloud computing), printing has taken a back seat. Printing problems in Citrix are prevalent among all industries.


Common problems organizations face with Citrix software:

When it comes to printing in Citrix, many organizations are facing security, assignment, redirection and policy problems.

1. Security

Security is a common concern when it comes to printing in Citrix. In most industries, security is a top priority — and with Citrix, secure printing isn't guaranteed.

In industries like finance and healthcare, security is especially important. Healthcare providers can face serious compliance issues when patients private information is sent to the wrong printers. Similar is true for finance companies, who can put themselves at risk if reports and documents aren't properly secured.

2. Assignment and Redirection

Printer assignment and redirection problems are also a major challenge in Citrix environments. With rapidly increasing overhead of solving printer assignment and redirection problems, organizations are looking for a solution.

This issue is extensively prevalent in the education industry. Too often the end users aren't able to assign or redirect print jobs to printers near them. This is a real challenge for students who rely on documents for their daily assignments and workflows. Plus, any documents that feed through the school system — from state compliance paperwork to staff information — can quickly create a bottleneck in the operations if the printers aren't working as they should.

3. Policies

IT Admins are familiar with the hassle of setting up print policies in Citrix in order to make printing work for users. Too often, these policies and scripts do not work the way they should, and do not allow users to access the correct printer. This leads to end user frustration and wasted time and resources when the help desk must intervene and assist for low-level issues.


The solution:

There are two options when it comes to solving Citrix printing problems:

Either, keep the printing environment as simple as possible...

Maintaining a simplified printing environment will help with Citrix printing problems. If it's possible to keep printers assigned to desktops and specific users static, Citrix problems won't be as prevalent. However, most organizations find it difficult to maintain a simple printing environment and require more complexity.

... or, research and enlist a third party solution.

If maintaining a simple printing environment isn't an option, (it usually isn't) finding a third party solution will solve Citrix's printing issues. This is where Tricerat can help.


Superior Printing in Citrix with Tricerat

Tricerat's enterprise printing solution is an easy fix for those pained with problems printing with Citrix. Upon its inception, Tricerat's first product was designed to fill a gap in Citrix printing over 20 years go. We've continued to focus on printing to ensure we provide the best service and functionality in the industry.

With Tricerat software, integration into your Citrix environment is seamless. All print jobs are encrypted, ensuring security and compliance for your organization. Our software is installed as a component of the Windows logon process, and completely handles printer creation in the user session.

For client printing, Tricerat leverages the ICA protocol to bring client printer information into the remote session. With this integration, Tricerat can build printers quickly and efficiently without Citrix policies, alleviating the complexities and logon time delays that policies introduce. By embracing a solution that is efficient, flexible, and scalable, organizations can reduce costs, increased end-user and administrator productivity, and reduce friction and frustration.

To learn more about how Tricerat is a Citrix Ready Partner, check out the site!

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