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April 30, 2018

Epic Printing For Healthcare

Printing in Epic and other EMR application software


Epic Print is the go-to solution for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, boasting some of the most robust functionality to help hospitals and healthcare organizations help their patients. While Epic Print provides leading software applications to the healthcare industry, Epic printing consists of multiple software modules, running on multiple computers, with multiple print streams. These complexities can lead to simple tasks like printing discharge paperwork or laboratory labels to be both complex and time-consuming for users and IT administrators in Epic environments.

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Epic print servers and their challenges

Even in a simple Epic environment, print jobs can traverse multiple servers, operating systems, and networks. For the most part, Epic print servers do not come with native printing capabilities, and instead rely on Windows printing subsystems to do the ‘heavy lifting’ of printing. As any IT administrator can attest to, those Windows subsystems create their own issues and headaches can arise in multiple areas. Some of the drawbacks to uses these types of subsystems have extremely limited functionality including:

  • Requiring driver matching between server and client for client printing
  • No native way to systematically redirect queued jobs and new jobs from a down print server
  • Poor bandwidth utilization
  • Lack of central management of queues and printers from multiple machines
  • Lack of adequate job auditing
  • Security concerns, partially because of the limited functionality

And with native Epic printing, these issues can quickly multiply when you take into account the need for the required redundancy for Epic and Windows print servers. This significantly increases the overall burden of administrative overhead.


The Solution

With enterprise print management solutions specifically designed for Epic printing in a healthcare environment, like those from Tricerat, the burden of printing from Windows subsystems is largely eliminated, giving administrators an easier and more stable way to manage printing in their Epic environments. Tricerat provides a centralize console for administrative printer management on Epic servers, and driver management for print servers. This allows for control on both sides of the printing equation from one console. A built-in print server failover feature provides the automatic failover needed for high availability and redundancy printing to vital healthcare operations running 24/7, and our print job tracking tools allow for auditing from both the users and Epic systems level.

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Virtualize Drivers

With solutions like those from Tricerat, admins now only must manage a single, virtual driver on both Epic system printing and client-based printing. That same virtual driver can be used for print server printing as well as printer redirected printing for those situations where users bring their local printers with them into their Epic sessions. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort an administrator will need to spend on managing and maintaining drivers. Once a print job is created and sent to a print server, Tricerat uses their proprietary printing format for added encryption for security compliance and compression for better bandwidth control. Once the job reaches the print server print jobs are routed efficiently to give much needed ‘flow-control’ to the print spooler.


Return on investment is not just about solving printing issues in Epic Print environments, but about giving admins a simplified and unified approach to manage printing, giving time back to the department. When Epic printing requires less time spent managing, that time can instead be put back in to the company in more effective ways, affording a quicker ROI and saving the company resources.

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