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January 29, 2018

Get Value From Printing

Reduce your company's printing expenses

In the past, printing was a difficult function for companies like Citrix and VMware to get right. Tricerat's solutions were born to solve that need and we still continue to help companies print smoother in those virtual situations. Now, the need is to find the hidden costs of printing and drastically reduce those. Deliver value back into your organization through enterprise print management. Check out our solutionsGradient Line

Cut Costs Associated With Printing

Eliminate Printer Driver Management

Whether you have print servers or use direct IP printing, Tricerat virtualizes printer drivers, putting management in one central location. This makes printer driver management a less time consuming and resource intensive task, reducing administrative overhead. Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and drastically reduced Help Desk ticket volumes.

Add Efficiencies

Tricerat's print management solutions will route printer traffic in the most efficient way possible. For workstation printing, route traffic from workstations directly to printers, using a print server in virtual spaces, or both in mixed environments. Use our software to eliminate printing point of failures and lessen network requirements.

Ensure Flexibility and Scalability

Create maximum benefit using your current infrastructure and ensure you have a solution that will scale accordingly to your business needs in the future. All of our solutions layer into your existing environment and are simple to use. Managing printing, scanning, and users with Tricerat's software keeps your administrative overhead low and keeps network requirements simple, no matter what the future holds.

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Harness Added Functionality

Central Management from a Single Drag and Drop Console

Manage printers and users from a single pane of glass interface. Create printers, automatically deploy them, modify settings, permissions, applications, search for printers by name, and more.

Follow Me Printing

This functionality allows printers to be made available to users by current location. All printers available to a user follow through to all the user's devices, and automatically build.

Reduce Help Desk Calls

Reduce help desk calls by allowing users to self-service, select their own printers, and automatically upgrade client software. Reduce login times, proximity printing, and personalized printer assignments provide a better UX leading to less help desk calls.

High Availability

Limit point of failures in both virtual and workstation printing. For workstation, eliminate print servers as a possible failure point. For virtual printing, set up print server fail over for backup.

No GPOs or Scripting

Manage enterprise printing, scanning, and users all without scripting or GPOs. This reduces administrative overhead and takes printing out of the hands of high-level staff. With the ability to assign administrators different roles and auditing of admin changes, you can delegate permissions and keep track of changes.

Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, iOS, and More Supported

Tricerat is a Citrix Ready partner, a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, a Microsoft Gold partner, and works on Windows, iOS, traditional workstation, and hybrid environments. We layer on top of your existing infrastructure to optimize your environment.

Advanced Printer Settings

Grant your users access to advance printer settings or control the options they have available to them.

Print Job Auditing

Use auditing to define printing costs and make intelligent decisions regarding expenses.

Location Based/Pull Printing

Cut down on waste by ensuring users pick the right printer every time.

Secure Printing

Ensure compliance with legal and company regulations by supporting secure print jobs. Cut down on waste by not printing jobs until released by the user.


Up to 75% reduction in print related help desk tickets, and print job auditing and reporting lets you track and recoup costs. Learn more about ROI with Tricerat.

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