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January 9, 2018

How to Fix 3 Common Remote Desktop Printing Challenges

Three Remote Desktop Scenarios That Are Perfect for ScrewDrivers

If you are a network administrator responsible for a remote desktop environment, you probably have struggled with getting peripherals to reliably work.  Peripherals like printers can have issues with stability, and giving all users consistent, reliable access in their remote sessions is difficult.  If any of the below scenarios sound familiar, ScrewDrivers is the right solution to help you and your company's remote desktop printing needs.

Scenario #1: Your network has grown but your printing solution has not

Most of your users still use their own desktop printers for printing.  These could be standardized, but are most likely varied by make, model, and manufacturer. Make things easy on yourself and virtualize all those different print drivers. By using Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers, you can eliminate the need to manage drivers on the remote desktop server and still give your users all of the manufacturer’s printing functionality that they are used to.

Scenario #2 Non-standard Printers or Print Jobs

Your company needs to use those pesky label printers that seem to be hit or miss when they are redirected in the remote desktop printing session. This is frustrating for both you and your users.  ScrewDrivers will take the headaches out of the management of these label printers and allow your application to smoothly and seamlessly deliver non-standard print jobs to specialized printers.

Scenario #3 Remote and/or Geographically Dispersed Team

Your company has a workforce that is spread throughout the state, country, or globe.  This means that most likely you have many different printers of all makes and models, near and far.  By implementing ScrewDrivers, it does not matter what printer is installed locally for the user.  There will only ever need to be one print driver installed on the remote desktop printing server, easily done.

If any of these sound familiar, head over to our ScrewDrivers page. You can do some more research and get a free 30 day trial of the full version of ScrewDrivers below.

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