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May 10, 2016

Don't Let Ransomware Hold Your Data Hostage

Gone are the days when opening a file from an unknown user was you biggest security risk! Now, your security can be breached by something as simple as one user visiting a compromised, infected website. What happens then? A file, usually an .exe, is automatically downloaded to the computer. Next thing you know, your data is encrypted and is no longer accessible. This is ransomware.

What's worse, hackers then hold "the key" ransom to unlocking your data. And even if you pay, who is to say that they will actually give you access? This "virtual key" can cost you an absurd amount of money and let's be honest, your data is priceless.

It's time to control your download permissions.

After last week's attack on a large utility company, the FBI issued a warning that ransomware attacks will most certainly be the on the rise this year. That means you need to act now to make sure you and your data don't fall victim to ransom trojans, such as CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, or Cryptorbit.

Here's how we can help.

With Tricerat's Simplify Lockdown (a component of Simplify Suite®), you have the ability to:

  • Control what applications and executables can run
  • Control the location from where they can run
  • Permit/Deny an application from automatically spawning a secondary process
  • Control if an executable runs after it has been updated

By configuring simple hashes and algorithms, you no longer need to worry about the dangers of ransomware to your data.

Don't let others take control of your data:

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