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July 20, 2016

Take Control of Your Data and Prevent Ransomware

Address Ransomware Before it Becomes a Threat

According to Techvangelism, 99% of ransomware attacks have been accessed through a vulnerability that had been known for over a year. What does that mean for you and your organization? It means your users and your company could be at risk of being the next victim of ransomware.

How simple is it to be attacked?

Very. All your users have to do is visit a compromised, infected website. A file, usually an .exe, is automatically downloaded to the computer. Moments later, your data is encrypted and is no longer accessible. Hackers hold the "key" ransom until you pay a predetermined amount of money for the release. Payment to the hacker organization doesn't always mean you will regain access to your data. Scary stuff!

Take Control of Your Download Permissions

Over the last two years, thousands of companies have not only been affected by cyber breaches, but have also had to halt business altogether due to the disruption. Some experts predict that every day there are at least five to ten new variances of ransomware. How do you combat these attacks? You need to act now to make sure you and your data doesn't fall victim to ransom trojans, such as CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, or Cryptorbit.

With Tricerat's Simplify Lockdown (a component of Simplify Suite®), you have the ability to:

  • Control what applications and executables can run,
  • Control the location from where they can run,
  • Permit/deny an application from automatically spawning a secondary process,
  • Control if an executable runs after it has been updated.
  • Configure simple hashes and algorithms, you no longer need to worry about the dangers of ransomware to your data.
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