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September 25, 2015

Citrix Workspace Cloud: What's Different?

What is Citrix Workspace Cloud?

Citrix Workspace Cloud (CWC) is a serviced-based product to deliver workspaces. Citrix describes this as “a cloud-based control plane that enables partners and customers to unify, secure and deliver workspace services.”

So what does that really mean?

Citrix recently replaced its management infrastructure with easy-to-use, cloud-based management services. This move to the cloud simplifies workspace design and delivery into one centrally managed cloud service. It’s a way to keep your workspace services up to date, optimized and integrated. It makes subscribing people to the correct workspaces even simpler! Outside of the management aspects, a key component of CWC is the Cloud Connector. This component is what connects the control plane in the Citrix cloud to local servers or cloud services. For instance, a local connector will allow connections from the cloud to authenticate to the local Active Directory, and then connect to a local XenApp session. If applications are deployed to an Azure server, the connector will send the connection to the Azure cloud where the user session is initiated and served. The Citrix Workspace Cloud brings these services and more together under one management interface, and does so in a cloud service offering that administrators no longer have to set up or maintain. Both initial setup time and ongoing resource additions can now be managed quickly and easily. For more information, check out Citrix’s Workspace Cloud overview, the announcement blog post, and a useful video series by Gunnar Berger.

How does Tricerat software integrate?

The Tricerat products operate within XenApp and XenDesktop sessions, and will continue to work as they always have with no interruptions. For example, Citrix admins can use Tricerat’s best-in-class printing products (ScrewDrivers, Simplify Printing, and Simplify Printing TX) to easily manage printers and solve printing problems in ICA sessions. Since the connector proxies connections to internal or cloud-based servers, even user sessions managed by Citrix Workspace Cloud can utilize the Tricerat technologies by installing them on the XenApp or XenDesktop images, wherever they reside.

The bottom line? Our customers won’t see any interruption in the fantastic products and services that we provide. We recently mentioned that we play nice in the sandbox, and this is no exception.

Andrew Parlette is Vice President of Product Engineering at Tricerat, Inc. Andrew joined the company in 1999 as a software developer and now oversees the technical operations including direct management of the software development teams and customer service. Tweet him at @ParletteAndrew!

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