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January 22, 2021

Citrix Ready Virtual Summit 2021

It is undeniable that Citrix has frictionless work figured out. Year over year, they prove to be the leader in digital workspace solutions. 2021 will be no exception. Register for Citrix Virtual Summit to get up to speed on the latest product strategies, product roadmaps, and win some branded swag. 


Citrix Ready Virtual Summit, January 25 -31

What to expect at Citrix Ready Virtual Summit

If you are among the group that was unable to attend Field Kickoff, formerly known as Citrix Summit, don't worry. Citrix Ready is hosting a Virtual Summit all next week. From January 25-31, the EUC community will get a second chance at reviewing Citrix's upcoming product strategy, product roadmap and attend a series of virtual sessions spanning an array of topics for both Citrix Workspace and App Delivery and Security. We will hear from leaders such as John Panagulias, Director of Citrix Ready, product managers, and even have a virtual coffee break with Sridhar Mullapudi, EVP of Product Management.  

Compete for Prizes

On top of a reasonably lush session schedule, the Citrix Ready team also made sure to find a place for those that miss the days of collecting as many event keepsakes as possible. How many of you still don pins, backpacks, and water bottles from events past? Fun fact: Tricerat has mementos in our headquarters dating back to Thinergy in 1998. Keep adding to your collection because this year, registrants can compete for branded merchandise based on their engagement level throughout the week, displayed via an IRT leaderboard. The more points earned, the more swag won. Every session will also include five randomly selected winners. Real time virtual leaderboard for breakout sessions

Unplug to Plugin 

The Tricerat team will attend and report on the sessions. Stay tuned for our reactions to this year's summit and a summary of key insights throughout the week on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn 

Pro Tip: If possible for you, mute notifications and fully tap into the sessions you attend. According to Citrix, "During a normal workday, employees are interrupted by a text, chat, or application alert and forced to switch context between these work channels 373 times per day or around every 40 seconds. And once interrupted by a text, chat, email, or other notification, it can take about 23 minutes to get back to the task at hand." One of the best parts of in-person events was the ability to be present. Give yourself the gift of turning off notifications and enjoy all things Citrix. 

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