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May 27, 2022

What Software Licensing is Best for Your Organization?

Having the right solution is paramount to success regardless of your industry. Something that is sometimes overlooked though is whether or not that solution has an appropriate licensing structure for your business. Let's take a look at some of the different licensing models that are popular today with software solutions. 

Factors When Selecting the Right Licensing for Your Business

No matter what the solution is that you are evaluating you'll want to consider the environments you support and your infrastructure. If you are running multiple environments, you may not want certain licensing models as they can hamstring you and decrease efficiencies. Additionally, licensing protocols can cause unnecessary headaches for system administrators. Convoluted licensing models can cost your admins valuable time if they have to frequently add, change, or remove licenses. To help decide what type of licensing is best for you, we compared the most common licensing models today.

Perpetual vs. Subscription vs. Concurrent Licensing

Perpetual licensing is the classic software licensing model that many of us are used to. Consumers make a one time purchase of the software and get to keep it forever. Payment is often handled upfront in this licensing model but there may also be recurring maintenance fees. The biggest benefit to perpetual licensing is customers know what they are paying and won't be caught off guard by pricing changes that are more common with other licensing models. 

Though perpetual licensing has been the more traditional route of licensing, there has been a recent shift by many businesses to subscription-based licensing. Subscription licensing allows consumers to generally have more self-service features available to them than other licensing methods. Consumers can easily track when their next payment is due and manage the renewal or cancellation of the license simply.

Another licensing model that has started to gain steam recently is concurrent licensing. With concurrent licensing, one licensing code is used across multiple users. This method of software licensing allows companies to buy licenses in bulk to meet the needs of their employees. Businesses are then enabled to more easily manage software licenses than if they were to license by device.

Flexible Licensing

Here at Tricerat, we believe in client choice through and through. That is why we offer all of the licensing models we've discussed here for our printing and scanning solution ScrewDrivers®. We understand that not every environment is the same, budget processes vary, and workforces are not all one size. It's our job to accommodate that. To learn more about our available licensing methods, schedule a call today.

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