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June 9, 2017

Introducing: High Availability Licensing

High availability licensing and printing options added in 6.3.X

Here at Tricerat, we're always hard at work to improve and expand the capabilities of our products. We know that your environment evolves--so we're evolving with you. With the recent release of the Tricerat License Console version 5.0, users now have the ability to use Tricerat software in a high availability setting while maintaining the flexibility of a license server. This new feature allows for a fallback in the event that the primary license server becomes unreachable, providing uninterrupted service to users. To make use of this feature, all that is needed are three servers running the Tricerat License Console version 5.0 or later, terminal servers running Tricerat Simplify version 6.3.1 or later, a Tricerat High Availability License, and some minor configuration. With this setup in place, license service will now continue uninterrupted as long as at least two of the three license servers are reachable. If the primary server goes down, one of the remaining two will automatically be designated as the acting license server and begin serving requests without manual intervention.

This automatic failover eliminates a single point of failure in the configured system, allowing for a much more reliable network architecture. Outages and maintenance on the license server will no longer cause service interruptions, making Tricerat products both easier to maintain and a more dependable solution.

Ready to enable High Availability Licensing?

Here's what you will need:

  • Tricerat License Console version 5.0 or higher installed on 3 different servers
  • Tricerat Simplify server version 6.3.1 or higher
  • A Tricerat license configured for high availability

Enable High Availability Licensing Here

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