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November 19, 2018

A New Citrix Acquisition: Redefining Employee Experience

Digital Transformation Simplified

Citrix recently announced its acquisition of Sapho, a micro app platform that delivers a powerful, personalized enterprise portal that strives to improve employee experience and productivity. Sapho will layer into Citrix Workspace, enabling employees to work faster, more efficiently, and with greater ease. Sapho's technology provides users with tools, activities and tasks in an easy-to-use interface.

“Sapho and Citrix share a vision that technology can improve employee experience by helping people to be more productive,” said Fouad ElNaggar, co-founder and CEO, Sapho. “Our technologies create an intelligent environment that solves productivity challenges that employees and companies are facing by organizing work in a single place, guiding work by bringing micro-apps into the environment and automating tasks to increase time for employees to do value-added work. And together, we can deliver a truly intelligent workspace that redefines the way work gets done.”

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Sapho's Features

Sapho is a unique platform that delivers all of an employees enterprise workforce application in to one convenient location.

Instead of forcing employees to use multiple, hard-to-use systems to complete their work, Sapho surfaces personalized and relevant tasks and data using micro apps. These micro apps, built by IT on top of existing systems, simplify workflows and data access to enable employees to work fast and make smarter decisions, increasing their overall productivity.

Sapho has over 50 micro-apps for applications that employees utilize in their everyday function. Some of these apps include Salesforce, Workday, Concur. ServiceNow, Outlook, Google Drive, SAP, and others. With many major applications available in one place, employees will realize greater time savings and greater efficiency in their every day.

  • Improve employee productivity with continuous user experiences across enterprise applications
  • Simplify data integration by only integrating active data from your systems/li>
  • Create event-driven micro apps in minutes with our drag-and-drop micro app builder
  • Deliver a personalized to-do list and one-click task completion directly to employees
  • Deploy easily into your existing on-premises or virtual private cloud environment
  • Leverage your established security and compliance practices to streamline implementation.


Sapho + Citrix

Citrix is a leader in unified workspaces that give businesses and users access to all of their applications and data in one place.

"Citrix is acquiring Sapho's leading micro-app platform to enhance the guided work capabilities within Citrix Workspace, enabling people to work with even greater speed, intelligence and simplicity."

Citrix is helping companies embrace a simplified digital transformation and a more efficient future of work. 

Citrix + Tricerat

Simplicity is key when it comes to digital transformation, and as a Citrix Ready Partner for over 20 years, Tricerat does just that. Tricerat offers unique, remote desktop printing solutions to extend and enhance the printing experience for Citrix customers. With Tricerat’s patented technology, a system admin can build Citrix printers effortlessly, decrease time spent managing printers, and allow end users to print from any device, in any location, to any printer. When out-of-the-box functionality doesn’t fit, Tricerat and Citrix work better together. Add Tricerat’s pioneering print technology to the Citrix virtual mix achieves printing success, no matter the client type or mobile device your workforce is on.

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