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March 13, 2019

3 Ways To Enhance Your Digital Transformation By Extending Print Capabilities


3 Ways To Enhance Your Digital Transformation, And Where Your Organization Stands on the Curve

Companies today are facing the difficult task of transforming their organizations for the digital age. Figuring out what technologies are necessary for your business can be a challenge, and even when you do, you're still left with considering implementation, ROI, and best fit for employees and work-styles. Most organizations are still behind the curve for digital investments, and an important facet of this is keeping up with printing technology. By evaluating your organization's needs, employee-technology relationships, and the ROI for products, organizations can more effectively unlock the potential in their employees and organization. There are three main ways to enhance your organization's digital transformation by extending print capabilities. All three add to the effectiveness of new technologies and support employee productivity, and ensure strides are made towards a more defined digital transformation for your organization. 

  • Treat Printing as a Business Strategy 
  • Focus on Improving Business Processes
  • Assess Ease of Use for New Technology



The Digital Transformation Curve – Where does your company fit?

Source: Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index II

Despite the inevitable shift to a digital world, many businesses are still in the early stages of their digital transformation programs. According to Dell’s research, 78% of businesses believe digital transformations should be more widespread through their organization. 51% of businesses believe they will struggle to meet changing customer demands in 5 years, and 1 in 3 organization fear they will be left behind.

Source: Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index II

Most organizations are in the “followers” and “evaluators” stages, meaning those companies that tentative plans and few investments, and those that are working towards a gradual planned transition, respectively. In the minor are the “Digital Leaders,” which are those that have fully embraced the the full spectrum of digital changes and technology.  


The 3 Main Ways to Extend Your Print Capabilities

1. Treat Printing as a Business Strategy

Printing is a business strategy, not just a series of tasks. Employees use printing in a number of ways, depending on their preferred work-styles, their clients' expectations, and their approaches to collaboration. Assessing printing processes within your company opens the door to build more effective technology-employee partnerships. Maximizing technology-employee partnerships fosters a more productive work environment, with higher employee efficiencies and a greater ROI.

Assess the ROI for a Print Solution

2. Focus on Improving Business Processes

Greater attention and visibility into how employees print provides essential tools for businesses to evaluate workflows and efficiencies. Organizations can ask themselves, "What are the benefits to the amount of printing our employees do, and is it necessary? Are we maximizing employee time and minimizing resource waste? How can we embrace the diversity of work-styles?"The more questions an organization asks about its’ employees habits and workflows, the more they can improve business process with new technology.

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3. Assess the Ease of Use for New Technology

In order for digital transformation to be successful, employees must support the general vision by embracing new technologies and effectively manage their workflows. According to Gartner, “Creating an excellent employee experience is a pivotal aspect of a digital workplace. An engaged, creative and energetic workforce outperforms the competition in terms of service delivery, execution and product design."

A large component of creating an excellent employee experience is fitting technology to need, and ensuring it has the highest possible ease of use. Printing can have significant effects on employee satisfaction and productivity, so it's important that it's easy to use, and implementation is not disruptive. In this case and in many, printing software gives employees the ability to operate more effectively in their personal work styles .  Printing software should be effective and easy for both admins and users, and it can be a significant hindrance to employee satisfaction and productivity when it is inefficient. 

The Essential Building Block for Your Digital Transformation in Printing

Keeping up with the changing landscape of technology is a challenge, and over 30% of companies fear they will be left behind. A key building block for the digital transformation of your company is printing. At Tricerat, we have the innovative software that will match your employees work-styles, and your company's unique needs. No matter what kind of enterprise print environment  you have, or what advanced print features you need access to, Tricerat software delivers, every time. Schedule a demonstration today to ensure success for your company's digital transformation. 

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