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October 4, 2016

In Healthcare Printing, There's No Room for Error

That's where we come in.

Barcodes were created to enable accurate, quick data entry and transfer. Barcodes exist on patient records, hospital bracelets, specimens, medications, so what happens when a barcode is rendered ineffective due to printing issues? Patient privacy, institutional security and-- let's not forget the most important factor, patient health may be compromised.

15% of all reported HIPAA breaches in Q4 of 2015 were due to printing errors.

Don't be part of the 15%. Make sure your print management strategy securely supports your healthcare professionals without recommend best practices for printing in a healthcare environment. Our latest white-paper outlines the best practices that we believe will keep your organization secure, download it here.

No matter what medical field you work in, one universal truth exists: the care and well-being of your patients is your top priority. There is never room for error when printing barcodes or any other valuable medical information. With Tricerat's Simplify Printing® print management solution, your barcodes will print correctly the first time.

Here's How Simplify Printing Works:

  • Our built-in proprietary print technology allows the original font file to print exactly as it appears in your barcode application-- no modifications occur in the process.
  • We eliminate the management of drivers which increases print speed by up to 10x.
  • By virtualizing the printer, we give access to the full functionality of the machine. No limitations here!
  • We give you the ability to manage both network and IP-based label printers, as well as USB/direct-connected barcode printers to allow for unmanaged and/or administratively-controlled printers.
  • We provide freedom from creating and managing Citrix policies, GPOs, and scripts with a self-contained solution.
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