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March 10, 2017

3 Enterprise Printing Solutions That Can Save Your IT Team Time & Money

There are some printing costs that are very obvious, such as toner and regular maintenance. However, what about all that time your IT department spends updating printer drivers, fixing crashes, and answer help desk calls? All that time can add up. But luckily there are ways to prevent that. Through these unexpected enterprise printing solutions, your company can experience significant cost savings while making your workplace more efficient.

Universal Print Drivers

Typically, a print driver is specific to one operating system and one model of printer. This can work fine in a very small office environment. But in larger environments, such as enterprise, managing this default approach becomes unwieldy. IT departments need to set up individual drivers for each printer on each computer, which not only requires a lot of set-up and maintenance time, but that also requires a complete update every time a computer changes operating systems.

A universal print driver, on the other hand, is “one-size fits all”. This one driver works on most operating systems and printers, including remote environments. It saves your IT team time during initial setup, ongoing maintenance, and system updates. The primary drawback of most universal print drivers is their inability to utilize printers’ unique features such as double-sided printing, stapling, collating, and others. However, some enterprise printing solutions – such as Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers – deliver the ease-of-use of universal drivers with your printer's’ unique features.

In addition to keeping your printer’s features, ScrewDrivers also compresses print files. This minimizes bandwidth use and increases printing speed and performance. One other advantage of our universal print driver is that all local printing options are also available remotely, keeping a mobile workforce connected and effective.

Central Print Server Management

Central print server management brings all print requests onto one server. This makes prioritizing requests simple and limits administrator training. It also reduces hardware, software, and support costs. In some environments, centralizing all print requests can pose some risks. What if the network crashes? Will large print jobs bog down your network? Will central print server management use too much bandwidth? What if you want local priorities?

Tricerat’s Simplify Printing can deliver the benefits of central print server management without the downsides. With Simplify Printing, you can mirror print drivers from the network server directly to a terminal server while bypassing the user’s end point entirely. This allows you to assign print jobs from a drag-and-drop console, compress files, and reduce crash risks. Using Simply Printing also enables your enterprise to map out local printers and network printers, delivering local control through a central environment.

Mobile Printing

In today’s world, no enterprise print management software should be considered complete without a mobile printing solution. As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, it’s essential that your employees are able to print from any location on any device. Even if you workforce isn’t mobile, there are a rapidly growing number of companies embracing “bring your own device (BYOD)” working environments. In this case, enterprise mobile printing should be considered an essential part of your business printing solutions.

Platforms like Tricerat’s Simplify Printing TX enable users to print from any device in any location to any printer all through a simple to use, consumer-quality, app. This allows your enterprise to embrace the benefits of mobility without sacrificing functionality.

Save Time & Money Through Smarter Enterprise Printing Solutions

When you look for an enterprise printing solution, you want something that simply works so you can save frustration, and the time of your IT department. Having the right software can help mitigate your pesky printing problems and allow your team to print without all the headaches.

Ready to experience our powerful enterprise printing solutions for yourself? Download a 30-day free trial of ScrewDrivers, or schedule a demo with our team to see which solution is right for you.

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