Reduce and Reuse with Simplify Printing TX

Simplify Printing TX reduce waste

You have definitely witnessed it. You may even be guilty of it (by accident of course). The good news? Your organization can do something about it…but what is ‘it?’ Paper waste. Think about the last time you walked by your copy room. did you notice the large recycle receptacle sitting next to the printer? That’s there for a reason, and the reason is printer error. It happens all the time. 24-page reports are sent to the wrong location, this week’s numbers printed double-sided when they shouldn’t have been, incorrectly configured drivers sending the document you need *in 3 minutes* out to the fuzzy abyss, where chances are, you’ll never see it again. [Read more…]

Meet Carly: Tricerat’s Marketing Maven

Carly Tricerat Employee

Meet Carly, she’s Tricerat’s Senior Marketing and Communications Manager. Carly works hard every day to make sure that all of the internal teams here at Tricerat have what they need to be successful, whether that’s the tools to deliver the right message to the right people, an optimized digital experience, a new product launch or anything in between. It’s also Carly’s passion to be a user and customer champion. Carly began her career in marketing working with companies like Transamerica and Allegis Group. She studied human centered computing locally at UMBC. Before Joining Tricerat, Carly spent a lot of time in the insurance industry – in disbursements, marketing/reporting and customer experience. [Read more…]