Seamless enterprise network scanning

Eliminate scanner driver management and the need to install drivers

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Increase application compatibility

Communicate directly with TWAIN or WIA drivers with our universal virtual scanner driver

Scan 10x faster

Simplify Scanning delivers unmatched speed and efficiency in remote sessions

Engineered for your environment

Fully compatible with Citrix ICA/HDX, Microsoft RDP, and VMware PCoIP protocols

High-speed scanning solution for server-based, workstation, and virtual and remote environments. Eliminate delays and hang-ups in scanning, and ensure transmissions reach their destination.

Whether black and white, color, or grayscale, data is compressed to decrease transfer rates (up to 80% faster than USB redirection)

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Eliminate driver device management and the need to install drivers with our universal virtual scanner driver

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Gain complete access over scanner functionality by communicating directly with TWAIN or WIA drivers

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Tricerat's Simplify Scanning™

  • 10x faster scanning

    When thoroughly tested in a remote environment through a VMware PCoIP channel, Simplify Scanning performed more than 10X faster than a standard, driver-configured scanning process.

  • Decrease network bandwidth consumption

    Whether you’re scanning in black and white, color, or grayscale, Simplify Scanning compresses data to get the job done quickly and reliably, while decreasing network bandwidth consumption.

  • Eliminate driver device management

    Simplify Scanning uses a universal “virtual” scanner driver that queries local scanners for their capabilities, such as resolution and supported paper sizes, forwarding them to be virtualized on the remote server or virtual desktop.

  • Increased application compatibility

    By creating a single point of access with the virtual scanner driver and communicating only the necessary commands over the virtual channel to ensure scan transmissions reach their destination, our solution eliminates delays or hang-ups commonly associated with virtual scanning.

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Satisfied Customers

The best solution on the market for remote printing and scanning. Excellent support, affordable pricing and they listen!

Satisfied Customers

Does what it’s intended to do, simply. Service is top notch.

Satisfied Customers

Your Simplify product suite works as promised. Your support is outstanding.

Satisfied Customers

Working with the Tricerat Team has been a delight. Their staff have been both helpful and prompt with any queries/issues that we may have. Their product has been with our company for many years and we have next to no issues because of this.