Foster a mobile workforce

Enable end users to print from any device, in any location, to any printer.

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Native and Virtual Printing

Native printing from any virtual or mobile source. Secure, reliable, quick.

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Compatible with Google Cloud Print, iOS, macOS, Android, Citrix, and VMware.

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The future of printing is here. After decades in the printing and virtual environment industry, TX is the result.

Feature-rich: Follow Me printing, guest print, pause & release, proximity, secure print, agentless print, BYOD printing, native printing, and more.

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Auto-discovery of local and network printers. Full flexibility to control how printers are assigned, automatically or under direct administrator control.

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Integrates with Google Cloud Print, Windows queues, Apple AirPrint, and Android printing.

Extend the experience of enterprise printing that on-site workers enjoy to all your users, remote included.

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Tricerat’s TX™

  • Full native and virtual printing

    TX offers native printing from any virtual or mobile source. Supports Microsoft Windows,  RDS, RDP, VDI, Citrix XenApp, macOS, iOS, Google Cloud Print, and Android. 

  • Easy integrations

    Offers agent-less printing with integration to Google Cloud Print, enhanced iOS printing, and full connectivity and compatibility with Bonjour printers.

  • Seamless User Experience

    Printer and printer settings follow users regardless of the type of device they are using. Printers also automatically sync across devices.

  • Guest printing, Follow Me printing, mobile printing +

    Allow users to share out office printers with visitors. No administrator intervention or network access required.  Enable mobile printing from any device in any location to any printer. Follow me printing lets your users print to the right printer, every time.

  • BYOD printing

    TX recognizes and configures Mac OS, iOS, Android or Windows devices to your company’s networked printers with no driver installation required.

  • Eliminate GPOs and scripting

    Save time and eliminate the complex effort of maintaining custom scripts and GPOs.

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We count over 10,000 businesses as our customers.

We love our customers, and we’re proud to say they love us right back.

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Satisfied Customers

Tricerat offers a fully functional trial version to ensure the product works for you. I would strongly recommend giving it a try.

Satisfied Customers

The ability to print from mobile devices has been non-existent, until now. Competitors have more complicated admin management structures and get expensive fast. Simplify Printing TX is cost effective, easy to use, and lets you print anywhere.

Satisfied Customers

When other products don’t work, this one does. It’s easy to install and setup as well as maintain. No hassles.