43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses

Get always-on security, on all your devices at all your locations.

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Don't leave updates to memory or chance

Get the latest Office 365 and Windows 10 updates automatically for up-to-date security.

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PCs, phones, and tablets are prime targets for malicious attacks

Safeguard your company data across all device types to protect against security threats.

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Don't limit employee access in the name of security. Make sure employees always have access to files while confining company information to Office apps for personal iOS and Android devices.

Enable solid security, with simplified management. BitLocker, BitLocker to Go, and Windows Information Protection, as well as Tricerat’s software such as Simplify Lockdown, help protect business data.

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Ensure all your business data is encrypted and accessible only by authorized users. Further protect Windows 10 devices from unauthorized access using Windows Hello multi-factor authentication to strengthen your users’ device credentials.

Perform a remote Selective Wipe of company data easily on lost or stolen devices or when an employee terminates employment.

Centralize control of your company data on personal devices. Protect your data and devices against malware, malicious attacks, and device loss due to theft or other means.

Reduce your risk profile with security features made for SMB customers, such as Office Protect.

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Apply a consistent security configuration profile across all managed devices.

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Establish a baseline of security policies across managed devices and configure devices consistently to help ensure protection from malware and external threats.

Cloud solutions are especially important for the healthcare, legal, and finance industries.

Reduce your security risk

We count over 10,000 business as our customers.

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[The] support / response I get from Tricerat is a top level. Makes an admins life that much easier when both these boxes are ticked. Keep it up!

The Tricerat team is willing to work with any customer to use their software to accomplish whatever the customer is trying to do. I am a past customer and will be a future customer as well.

Tricerat has become the extra IT guy you’ve been looking for in the department to help pick up the slack.

This has been the best software investment we’ve made for both our employees and clients.