Best print management solution for VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft RDS virtual environments

For over 20 years Tricerat has helped 10,000+ customers achieve rapid ROI by delivering simplified print administration, reducing helpdesk tickets, and providing an exceptional user experience.

We help our customers:

  • Any device, any location, any printer
  • Rapid ROI with huge cost savings
  • Fits to any existing environment
  • Eliminate print driver management
  • Streamlined end user experience
  • One console to manage printing


Gain a rapid ROI right away

  • Allow your IT team to focus on strategy, rather than tasks such as print job troubleshooting or wasting time on driver management
  • Up to 75% reduction in print-related helpdesk tickets
  • Print job auditing and reporting allows you to track and recoup costs
  • Dramatically reduce print ticket escalation

Scalable, flexible, reliable

  • Compatible with any environment type
  • Never manage print drivers, worry about versions, or incompatibility
  • Print server failover allows for high availability of the database
  • Citrix, VMware, and RDS support

Centralized management

  • Find printers by searching for them in the console
  • Self service printer selection by the admin OR the end user
  • Mass edit/create/manage printers with the console via Import tool
  • Dynamic deployments to AD users and groups

Create a streamlined UX

  • Native print dialogue delivered to the user for every type of printer in any virtual session
  • Proximity based printing automatically installs nearby printers for end users
  • Eliminate slow logon times
  • Dynamically-set default printers assign the correct printer every time

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