Print Management in a VMware Environment

What to get the most out of VMware Horizon printing? Tricerat’s solution offers enterprise print management capabilities. Let printing enhance the end user experience in VMware Horizon.  Integrate printing access and control while in VMware’s Horizon application platform. Enjoy a single console to manage printer assignments, while users gain consistency and performance. Our technology is the result of 14 years of development in remote access environments including VMware Horizon.

Tricerat works in:

  • Applications hosted on RDSH, VDI, or physical desktops and workstations
  • Virtual desktops
  • Physical workstations
  • RDP
  • PCoIP
  • ICA

As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner and Citrix Ready partner, our software works with a variety of environments to deliver common enterprise print management across platforms. Applications or desktops hosted on RDSH, VDI, or physical desktops can have managed print queues. For remote access, RDP, PCoIP, and ICA are supported connection protocols for client printing and any client can have print server queues built in a remote session.

White paper on VMware Horizon Printing

Download our comprehensive best practices to get the most our of your VMware Horizon solution. You’ll learn:

  • Common printing issues (and their solutions)
  • Enterprise printing best practices
  • How to simplify your VMware print environment
  • Enable mobile printing to truly be able to print from any device, in any location, to any printer

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