Learn how to enable reliable printing in VMware Horizon

Tricerat’s Simplify Printing® enhances the capabilities of VMware Horizon environments by enabling reliable printing across remote protocols and providing administrators with management tools to deliver print services to users. By utilizing Simplify Printing, management overhead is reduced and the end user experience is improved.

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Simplify Printing works with a variety of environments to deliver common enterprise print management across platforms. Applications or desktops hosted on RDSH, VDI, or physical desktops can have managed print queues. For remote access, RDP, PCoIP, and ICA are supported connection protocols for client printing and any client can have print server queues built in a remote session.

Diagram of VMware and Tricerat
Diagram of VMware and Tricerat
  • The Simplify Console offers a single pane of glass management for VDI, RDS, and workstation printing even in hybrid and diverse application.
  • Simplify Printing supports any print path, both within the virtual channel for workstation-enabled printing, and within the general network space with TCP/IP connectivity to print.
  • The product gives a simplified administration approach without the use of group policies or scripting. An IT Admin can assign printers to workstations or user accounts based on Active Directory group and OU membership. Additionally, assignments based on proximity (IP Range / Subnets, non-AD enabled hardware ID) allow for comprehensive administration for a mobile workforce.
  • By eliminating the need to install and deliver print drivers, users are presented fast logins, consistent and accurate printer mappings, access to advanced print features, and automatic use of local printers.

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