Enterprise Print Management for Healthcare Organizations


5 Healthcare Environment Issues and 5 Best Practices to Solve Them

Health IT executives are moving away from traditional computing devices for mobile applications, with 87% reporting that they are increasing their investments in mobile technologies, according to a recent study.* With this increased emphasis on mobility, healthcare organizations often face unique printing difficulties due to the amount of physical movement during the day. It is especially critical to make sure print jobs are delivered to the right printer and to the right person to safeguard patient data, in accordance with HIPAA regulations. According to HIPAA Journal, 15% of all reported HIPAA breaches are due to errors when printing – that is 1 out of 7.*

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In addition to supporting users with proximity-based needs, there are several other common-yet- complex factors to account for when printing sensitive information. These include print management in hybrid environments and, for remote users outside of the managed space, delivering print capabilities to mobile devices, all while protecting security parameters and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Listed below are the most common printing issues currently challenging healthcare IT, followed by respective best practice data and supporting solutions to consider in overcoming associated obstacles and establishing a comprehensive print management process.

Issue #1: Supporting Users on the Move

In a hospital or other large healthcare facility environment, staff will frequently log in to client computers from different rooms, floors, buildings, or campuses. In a clinical environment, doctors and nurses may be working in a different building on different days of the week. In some cases, you will have remote offices that are connecting in to your infrastructure. It is imperative to arm your users with the ability to access their printers wherever they are, whenever they need to print.

Best Practice: Proximity-Based Printing is a Must

A major hassle for printing can be removed from the end user by utilizing proximity-based printing strategies. The ability to assign printers based on client name or IP address allows the administrator flexibility for the right printer to show up for a given workstation, regardless of who is logging in to it. For the user, it is the right printer for their use at the right time.

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