Enterprise Print Management for Healthcare Organizations

Far too often, healthcare print management is complicated for IT administrators and confusing for end users.  Health IT executives are moving away from traditional computing devices for mobile applications,  increasing their investments in mobile technologies. With this increased emphasis on mobility, healthcare organizations often face unique printing difficulties due to the amount of physical movement during the day. It is especially critical to make sure print jobs are delivered to the right printer and to the right person to safeguard patient data. Make sure your print jobs are in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

  • Support healthcare workers on the move
  • Proximity based printing to safeguard printed data

Security and Print Management

In addition to supporting users with proximity-based needs, there are several other common-yet- complex factors to account for when printing sensitive information. These include print management in hybrid environments and, for remote users outside of the managed space, delivering print capabilities to mobile devices, all while protecting security parameters and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Discover how to streamline your print environment by turning five common setbacks into best practices that will not only increase end user satisfaction, but also help out your bottom line. Download our current white paper for healthcare printing best practices.

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