Eliminate print servers for your workstation printing needs. Route traffic directly from workstations to printers, reducing network utilization. All from a single, drag and drop console for true enterprise printing.

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For over 20 years Tricerat has helped 10,000+ customers print simply and efficiently to reduce labor and costs.

Print from any device, in any location, to any printer

Eliminate print servers for workstation printing

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One centralized console to manage all enterprise printing needs: add/remove printers, assign to users, troubleshoot, reporting, and more

Eliminate print driver management

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Reduce network bandwidth consumption, lower costs, and reduce support staff needed

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Make printing work, no matter how simple or complex your IT infrastructure is. We offer a range of products to achieve the results you want: eliminate print driver management, eliminate print servers, reduce expenses, centralize print management, and streamlined UX.

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Printing, scanning, and user management solutions. Built for you.

Eliminate print servers for workstation printing

Eliminate print driver management

Rapid ROI with huge cost savings

Fits to any existing environment

Scalable, flexible, and reliable

Streamlined end user experience

One console to manage enterprise printing

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