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The Advantages of ScrewDrivers vs. PrinterLogic

Choosing the right print management solution is critical.

No matter how you need to print, Tricerat’s software solutions are flexible enough for any IT environment. We've made printing simple and easy for administrators and end users for over 23 years. Unlike PrinterLogic, we work everywhere: standard workstation, virtual, or hybrid environments. Our centralized console is faster, more responsive, and easier to navigate than our competitors, and all data is kept on your premises for speed and security. Learn more about how Tricerat ScrewDrivers compares to Printerlogic below.
Workstation printing
Reporting and analytics
Print driver management
IGEL integration
Print server printing
Centralized printer management for any infrastructure
Client printer redirection printing
Expanded hardware support for Macs, thin clients, and any mobile device
Customized professional services
Optimized for Citrix, Microsoft, and any hybrid environment
Tri-meta format® (TMF) page description language
Enhanced security and encryption

Solutions to help your team

Whether your team is 100% remote, or you manage many offices with complex IT environments - Tricerat has you covered. Experience the most secure, scalable, and user friendly print and scan management solution.

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