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Simplify Printing®

Increase the power of print servers, eliminate the need to manage print drivers, and centralize administrative control from a single pane of glass view of your enterprise printing. Streamline the communication of the print job from the end user to the printer.

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Citrix | VMware | Microsoft 
Hybrid | Workstations
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Why Simplify Printing?

Enterprise Print Management

Central control of enterprise printing has never been easier. Enjoy a drag-and-drop, single pane of glass view, with custom configuration. Achieve enhanced flexibility with Active Directory integration to assign printers on a granular level such as groups, workstations, and location/proximity.

Take Local Printers Into Remote Sessions

Simplify Printing is a robust solution that builds printers from print servers to all user workspaces and allows users to take their locally connected printers into remote sessions.

Remove Road Blocks

Improve company operating costs through increased server performance, reduced spooler crashes, and lower support staff requirements. Cut down on calls to the help desk, removing print-related road blocks for better user productivity.

Access Any Local Client

Get full control over user printing. Grant or restrict access to all manufacturer advanced print features such as secure/PIN or duplex printing. Set up proximity based printing based on users’ physical location, and provide “self-service” printer selection.

ROI Calculator

Seamless printing allows end users to be more productive by cutting down on print-related frustration and time spent trying to print. By eliminating low-level print-related help desk tickets, IT administrators will have time to focus on high-impact IT problems more effectively, cutting costs. Print job auditing and reporting cuts down on consumption of consumables.

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