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Cláudio Rodrigues Interview


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About Cláudio 

CEO - Microsoft MVP - Citrix CTP | @crod 

Cláudio Rodrigues has been working with RDS technologies since the Microsoft Hydra days, dating back to 1997. He was also the founder and CEO of Terminal-Services.NET, the first company to bring to the market tools to handle load balancing and seamless windows applications, completely modular. The company was later acquired by 2X Software Ltd and his vision can still be seen to this day, in the Parallels RAS product, acquired from 2X in 2015.

Later he started TSFactory, bringing to the market the first RDP and ICA session recorder, back in 2008, even beating Citrix to the market.

Today he works on Citrix, VMware, and RDS deployments around the world and with ISVs, helping them identifying opportunities for their products and technologies in the RDS space. He has been the longest serving Microsoft MVP for RDS, seventeen years in a row.