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ZGF Architects

ScrewDrivers® streamlined driver management and saves time for end users and IT support.


VMware Environment 
800 End Users
Six Print Servers Across Five Offices
Approximately 75 Printers


Simple Installation
Streamlined Driver Management
Time Savings for Users and Support Team

About ZGF Architects

ZGF Architects began in Oregon but has since expanded to 7 offices across the United States. Their staff of 750 work on various designs that are influenced by the climate, context, and the human experience. ZGF’s goal is to pioneer a holistic and humane understanding of the relationship between buildings, people, and the environment.


The Situation

Before installing ScrewDrivers, ZGF Architects' desktop support team used group policy to deploy and manage printers, but due to Windows print spooler issues and the emergence of PrintNightmare, a new solution was required. Windows solution for PrintNightmare was to require elevated credentials to install any printer on any workstation, so they could no longer use group policy and admins were run ragged trying to install printers for everyone that didn't have admin privileges. Too much time was spent internally trying to solve the issue that it became clear it was time for a new solution.   


A more effective solution for deploying printers.
Jason Henry
Associate, ZGF Architects

Problem Solved

Installation with engineers was simple. After testing ScrewDrivers to ensure proof of concept, the solution was deployed company-wide.

End users don't need to jump through hoops in order to print something whenever they need.
Jason Henry
ScrewDrivers is like print streaming, you don't need the printers installed on your machines.
Jason Henry

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