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Wizmo Cloud Services Provider

Wizmo reduces print issues and tickets and increases both staff productivity and customer satisfaction with ScrewDrivers®.


1 locations
65 print servers
Microsoft RDP environment


Significant reduction in print-related issues
Eliminated hassle in managing printer drivers
Happier customers and more productive employees

About Wizmo

Wizmo is a team of cloud-computing experts. They’ve been helping software companies move their applications to the cloud since 2001. With their team of experts, they also manage the SaaS environment once the applications are transitioned. Their mission is to guide their customers through tricky technological and business challenges in the client-server migration process, and they put a large an emphasis on sustainable success.


The Situation

The director of operations oversees the team that manages 65 print servers in a Microsoft RDP environment. This team is responsible for enhancing and maintaining a quality work process and customer environment, while reducing overhead and problems. Wizmo’s team helps their customers stay productive, which means getting printer drivers aligned and assisting in troubleshooting printing speed issues.


The Challenge

Due to problematic printer drivers, the team faced major issues with slow speeds and odd GUI behavior. Redirected printing in their Microsoft RDP environment was a hassle, and large amounts of support efforts were directed at helping customers solve these printing issues. Not only were these issues costly to productivity and employee time, but it was also a huge hindrance for customers to not be able to print and work as they needed.

Problem Solved

We’ve cut down on the amount of printer related issues significantly, allowing our support staff and engineers to focus on other items.
Director of Operation, Wizmo
We’ve easily been able to identify the ROI on ScrewDrivers and will continue to leverage their benefit in the future.
Director of Operation, Wizmo

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