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Ultimate Hydroforming Inc.

It was critical that UHI find a unified solution that not only supported the various printer models within the organization, but could also manage all printer deployments and driver updates. Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers® was their first choice based on an employee’s previous experience using it at a different company.


140 employees 
10 virtual Windows servers
2 ESX managed hosts
Business operations managed through Plex Systems


Secure, stable environment
Improved user satisfaction and productivity
Reduced support effort and cost

The Situation

UHI’s network environment is based on Windows Server platform and Windows client operating systems. They use VMware for server virtualization. They currently have 10 Windows 2012 R2 virtual servers running on two VMware ESX managed hosts. Most of their business operations are managed through Plex ERP software for manufacturing.


The Challenge

Because many users at UHI connect to the network using Microsoft remote desktop servers, a centralized solution for easy management and deployment was necessary to find. The IT team spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with help desk calls and solving mundane issues. Most of the problems stemmed from using GPOs to manage printers.

Problem Solved

ScrewDrivers is very easy to use; very easy to maintain and make changes. The impact on users has been positive. Tricerat saves time in the support department; their support team is so fantastic. Using ScrewDrivers, we are more productive doing things that make money for the company rather than putting out fires related to printer issues.
Technology Manager, UHI

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