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Estes Express Lines

Leveraging Tricerat’s cloud printing solutions and XenTegra’s IT expertise, Estes overcame significant challenges in enterprise print management in a complex Citrix VDI environment.


Citrix VDI & IGEL Thin Client OS environment
Multiple user access points
Advanced print needs (work orders, caution labels, etc.)


Streamlined print management
Improved stability and reliability of print operations
Reduced IT admin overhead and workflow disruptions
Future readiness for cloud-based migrations

About Estes Express Lines

Estes Express Lines, a leader in freight transportation and seamless logistics, faced escalating printing issues that hindered team productivity and core enterprise operations. To drive seamless and efficient processes across a vast network, Estes sought a scalable print management solution and expert implementation for their complex IT infrastructure and workflows.

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The Challenge

In a Citrix VDI environment using IGEL Thin Client OS terminals, Estes grappled with managing print operations. Multiple users logging in and out of the same IGEL terminals resulted in: 


  • Print Driver Assignments: Incorrect print driver assignments due to complex Group Policies frequently resulted in print workflow and end-user disruption.
  • Default Printer Settings: Configuring default printer settings for crucial workflows proved to be a challenging task, leading to disruptions when the wrong printer was set as default. This not only wasted users' time but also valuable printing materials like labels and non-standard paper types.
  • Print Spooler Crashes: Regular print spooler crashes disrupted daily operations and increased IT admin workload, affecting overall team productivity and costs.

The Solution

To address Estes’s critical printing challenges, Tricerat, in partnership with XenTegra, deployed ScrewDrivers®Enterprise, a comprehensive printing experience platform.

Deployment and Management

screwdrivers enterprise

ScrewDrivers Enterprise® facilitated the deployment, management, and support of print server printers and Direct IP serverless assignments. This reduced the complexities associated with print driver assignments and default printer configurations, streamlining printing across numerous internal applications.

Advanced Virtual Driver

screwdrivers tricerat

ScrewDrivers® virtual driver addressed specialized print workflow requirements by delivering a manufacturer-agnostic print driver with an industry-first ability to stream native print preferences with zero driver requirements on the endpoint.

Consultative Partnership

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XenTegra’s expertise in VDI and endpoint management solutions played a key role. As an award-winning IT services and solution provider, XenTegra offered Estes a consultative partnership for efficient problem-solving and strategic planning for future migrations to cloud-based Azure environments.

“[ScrewDrivers Enterprise] is one of the best products I’ve ever bought!
Jerry Johnson
Citrix and SCCM Admin at Estes
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Improved Admin & User Experience
Users experienced uninterrupted and smooth printing, while IT admins had decreased overhead and could focus on high-impact tasks.
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Operational Efficiency
Print queue crashes, configuration issues, and driver problems have been resolved, improving operational efficiency across the enterprise.
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Future-Ready IT Infrastructure
XenTegra offered Estesa a consultative partnership for efficient problem-solving and strategic planning for future migrations to cloud-based Azure environments.

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