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District Wolfenbüttel

District Wolfenbüttel increases efficiency for remote environments with Tricerat.


791 employees
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop


Reduction in help desk calls 
Eliminated management of print drivers

About District Wolfenbüttel

As a public institution, the district of Wolfenbüttel handles many tasks. The district contains a population of 124,000, located in the state of Niedersachsen in Germany. Its mission is to keep the district running smoothly in all departments. Their goal is to focus on long-term development to ensure a bright future, without losing sight of day-to-day operations. In order to keep the district running smoothly and projects progressing efficiently, Wolfenbüttel relies on key technologies, like Tricerat’s printing software.


The Situation

Working in remote environments (Microsoft, Citrix, VMware) offers many benefits, such as centrally deploying applications and enterprise resources, or offering home office workstations. However, printing in such environments is often difficult and time-consuming because the physical printing devices are spread out in different locations, while the associated printer drivers need to communicate with the applications on the remote servers.

When Andreas Jenter took over his position as head of the Information and Communication Technology department with around 620 employees in 2010, a lot had to be done to allow for printing in remote environments. Due to remote employees, home office workplaces and scenarios, about 100 printer drivers of various brands and models are in operation in the District of Wolfenbüttel. This led to severe problems with operation and maintenance of the printer landscape for remote environments.

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The Challenge

The various departments use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop versions 7.15 and 6.5 (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop), but they often had challenges when it came to printing. One issue that came up frequently was with proprietary applications, which require static printer names and cannot handle session IDs in printer names. These names are typically given by universal print drivers from Citrix and Microsoft. This created problems for users who were trying to print from these apps because printing was either impossible, or required extra steps in order for the user to access the right printer.

Another problem for users was that printing and scanning processes took an excessively long time. There was a large variety of printers which were connected to different networks, making management difficult. These management difficulties created additional work for the help desk, and overburdened IT administrators and staff. The final issue for District Wolfenbüttel was that the universal print driver from Microsoft and Citrix only provided a limited range of functions. Access to the special functions of the printers, such as stapling, collating, stacking or Secure Print, were not supported.

On a scale of 1-10, my referral rate for Tricerat is an incontrovertible 10! They have proven their success in various organizationsand completely facilitated the work of all departments. I am thrilled that all processes are uncomplicated and that support forfurther inquiries is always available. Apart from that, Tricerat simply has the widest range of print & scan products for Citrix &desktop virtualization environments.
Andreas Fleischmann
Technical Director at Prianto

Problem Solved

The results of a great printing solution are evident.

After introducing ScrewDrivers software, the support tickets were reduced by 80%; problem cases hardly existed anymore.
Andreas Jenter, Head of Information and Communication Technology at District Wolfenbüttel
With Tricerat ScrewDrivers and its built-in compression, we can radically reduce the scanning transfer rate, which dramatically increases speed. For each operation, the double-sided scanning of 10-15 pages previously took approximately eight minutes. With Tricerat, the time has been reduced to 40 seconds.
Andreas Jenter, Head of Information and Communication Technology at District Wolfenbüttel
Tricerat ScrewDrivers extends the technology and directs the print data stream from the Terminal Server, Application Server, or Virtual Desktop to the print server via a dedicated TCP / IP connection. Using the management console, the print server printers are made available to the respective users or workstations from the Active Directory for the session. The granular management makes it possible to adapt to individual needs
Andreas Fleischmann, Technical Director at Prianto

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