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Centers for Dialysis Care

CDC implements Tricerat to greatly simplify enterprise print management, keeping staff and patients healthy and happy.


30+ locations
700+ staff
3 print servers
Citrix and VMware environments


Stabilized print environment
Streamlined driver management
Ease of printer identification for users 
Rapid ROI from quick installations
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About Centers For Dialysis Care

The Centers for Dialysis Care is the largest outpatient dialysis provider in Northeast Ohio, and the 9th largest in the country. They have over 30 locations, with more than 700 employees. For 40 years, CDC has been a leading innovator and non-profit independent provider of outstanding patient-focused dialysis treatment, education, support, and training. They pride themselves on the highest quality standard of care for their patients, and their mission is to attend to every detail of a patient’s treatment with care and precision.


The Situation

The CDC, as an independent healthcare provider, is a rapidly growing organization that relies on collaboration between physicians, providers, insurance companies, and patients. The company relies on its 3 print servers and a hybrid IT environment of Citrix and VMware to foster and allow for this collaboration between internal and external participants.


The Challenge

Prior to installing Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers, CDC helpdesk and support staff were spending an inordinate amount of time tracking down and trying to solve a variety of printing issues. Many of the problems seemed to stem from a “ghost within the machines” - difficult to pinpoint, sometimes resolving and reappearing with no apparent reason, wasting lots of administrative hours and frustrating system admins and users alike. Standard, out of the box print drivers were not stable, with intermittent errors that moved all over the network, causing admins to waste valuable time on these drivers that should ideally just work without involvement. The company also desired mobile printing, since staff tended to migrate between offices.

Problem Solved

Tricerat software has greatly simplified the management of printing in our Citrix environment.
Director of Information Services, CDC
The support we have received has always been very fast and professional. No software is perfect, but the quality of support really helps to make Tricerat stand out as a superior vendor.
Director of Information Services, CDC

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