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Center for Urban Community Services

CUCS uses Tricerat to eliminate printing issues and simplify print management in their Citrix environment.


38 years in business 
500 employees
Citrix environment


All Citrix UPD problems were eliminated
Server optimization by eliminating print drivers
Streamlined enterprise print management

About CUCS

Founded in 1979 in New York City, Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to provide vulnerable people with housing, mental health programs, and social services for rebuilding their lives and families. Situated at a cross section linking health, housing, and social services together, CUCS plays a vital role in helping individuals and families in their community rise above poverty and exit homelessness.


The Situation

CUCS utilizes Citrix Virtual Apps in their IT environment. Prior to XenApp 7, CUCS used the Citrix Universal Print Driver (UPD) for assigning printers using Desktop Authority. The IT Systems Manager for all systems and networks says printing in XenApp 7 was reliable, but time consuming: “Printers were assigned correctly via policy, however there were hundreds of policies and they were next to impossible to maintain.” When changes needed to be made, IT staff had to sift through hundreds of rules and policies to find where to make necessary changes. Despite having reliable policies, when they hit the print button, more often than not, nothing came out.

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The Challenge

Managing hundreds of policies was a logistical nightmare for the IT department. However, things reached a critical mass with the release of XenApp 7. This upgrade caused a massive upheaval in CUCS’s complicated print environment, breaking printing entirely. According to the IT Systems Manager, what was once just hassle, “became an emergency."

Problem Solved

The results of a great printing solution are evident.

IT has a much easier time managing printers, changes take just a couple of minutes. Servers run a lot better without a ton of printer drivers installed, and there’s no Citrix UPD crashing all the time.
IT Systems Manager, CUCS
I think most organizations purchase Tricerat as a solution to printing woes. It is that, but it’s also a very powerful printer management solution. It saves a lot of time and is so simple to use that just about all printer management tasks can be assigned to lower level admins.
IT Systems Manager, CUCS

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