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May 29, 2015

Tricerat Defined: Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization Defined

Every once in a while, when we're feeling stressed, we sit back and remember the good old days of centralized computing. Limited risk, stable networks and complete control over user environments. Things were better back then, right? Not necessarily.

User-focused environments have changed the way we work and allowed for unparalleled innovation by giving the user the choice to create their own computing experience. Is there a happy medium between the two systems?

That’s where Tricerat comes in. We apply the best of both worlds, creating products that allow network administrators to transition their systems over to a model of desktop virtualization.

What is Desktop Virtualization?

Also called virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), desktop virtualization is a computing model that combines the flexibility of a robust desktop experience with the ability to centrally manage virtual client machines. In essence, it’s a marriage between the convenience of a user-focused environment and the control of a thin-client model. This offers network administrators greater options in managing, deploying, and securing applications and data network-wide while allowing end users a familiar computing experience and convenience with remote access capabilities.

Why Consider Implementing Desktop Virtualization?

The immediate benefits are obvious: access your data anywhere, keep your data safe, and get easy updates. Desktop virtualization allows IT administrators to update one ‘base’ image which automatically updates all client machines within the organization, saving time, avoiding hardware inconsistencies, and keeping data secure. By hosting the desktop image in the data center, businesses are able to provide staff at all levels with a consistent computing experience that doesn’t jeopardize sensitive data. In fact, if the end user’s machine ever breaks, is lost, stolen, or destroyed, there is no associated data loss because all of the data remains secure in the data center. (Is this connected to Simplify Backup?)

What Other Benefits Does Desktop Virtualization Have?

  • Set up new desktops in minutes instead of hours
  • Repair or swap hardware and/or client PCs with no data loss or need for data migration • Extend the usable life of desktop PCs as client machines
  • Provide end-users with superior real-time access from any remote location
  • Reduce IT costs due to more efficient application deployment and fewer end-user tech support calls

Tricerat’s Simplify Suite Lets You More Effectively Manage VDI Tricerat helps enterprises handle all aspects of the user environment, including VDI. Our Simplify Suite product lets administrators efficiently deploy desktops, control application access, manage VDI personalization issues, and more.

Learn more about how Simplify Suite can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

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