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June 12, 2015

The Benefits of Mobile Printing

Is Mobile Printing a Priority for Your Organization?

Do you remember the days of rushing to the office to answer an email on your desktop computer? What about sending a fax or even using a flash drive to transfer files? Back then; not even ten years ago, mobility wasn't a common practice, or even a buzzword based on the size of the machines and the data stuck inside them.

Today, mobile workers make up around one third of the U.S. workforce and we don't see that slowing down any time soon with gadgets now comfortably fitting around your wrist. Mobility is not only defined by the physical ability to pick up and go, it is also defined by the availability of our information. After all, what good is a smart phone if all of your data is stuck on an inaccessible server? Mobility means no matter where, when, or what the format, your employees have access to the information they need.

As an enterprise organization, it’s likely that you have mobile workers in various cities and working from different locations. One of the challenges you may face is coordinating mobile printing efforts, a necessary function that doesn’t always align perfectly with today’s focus on mobility. If printing documents is a part of your process, finding a way to make this happen is a must. Here are a few reasons why your organization needs to enable mobile printing:

  • Convenience and productivity – mobile printing keeps on-the-go workers on-the-go. No need to stop into a library, office or printing store (yes, they still exist) to print a document.
  • Efficiency – imagine the time your IT team could save if they weren't assisting with printing issues. They could probably get around to the ‘good stuff’ on their to-do lists.
  • Security – by using a mobile printing solution, your IT team can better control where your document is going. Knowing which tray your document will end up in keeps your information secure.

We are leading the industry with technology that is so simple to use, we named it Simplify Printing TX.

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